Online sports betting sites: All you need to know about bookmakers


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Today, online bookmakers are one of the most powerful groups in the world, yet they continue to make many of the most lucid bettors happy. While online sports betting with different bookmakers has become very popular with the digital revolution, the evolution of sports betting is the result of a long tradition. In this article we will tell you about the historical origins of bookmakers and how they evolved into the big online bookmaker sites we know today.

The world of online sports betting has become much more diverse, but this is not without embarrassing the increasing number of bettors who no longer know which bookmaker to choose. Bookmakers are competing with offers, bonuses, advantages and innovations to attract the largest number of bettors. This article also introduces you to some of the best online bookmaker platforms, but above all it goes into detail about the decisive criteria that should guide you towards the best bookmaker. In a nutshell, here you will find answers to all your concerns about bookmakers: what is a bookmaker? How does an online betting site actually operate? What are the best online bookmaker sites? What are the criteria to evaluate in order to choose the right bookmaker for me? Don’t wait any longer to find out everything you need to know about bookmakers in order to enjoy your sports betting!

Bookmaker: what exactly does bookmaker mean?

The word bookmaker may seem a little obscure to you, unless you are a regular player or its meaning has been clearly explained to you. In any case, « bookmaker » is a word that is part of the vocabulary of online betting and casino games. So let’s try to make some progress in understanding and defining bookmaker.

The term bookmaker comes from the English language. This origin is understandable given the great traditional history between the UK and the world of betting in general. In the beginning, a bookmaker was the person whose function was to receive the various bets from the players during horse races.

The bookmaker was therefore a professional who could either be an agency or simply a real person. The bookmakers were therefore responsible for setting the odds of the bets according to the probability of winning the horses and the recovery of the bet made by each player.

In case of success, the bettor wins the product of his bets by the amount of the odds. In case of loss, the bookmaker keeps the sum of the bets made by the bettor. So this is basically what a bookmaker was. But with the digital revolution, the face of bookmakers has also changed a bit. The word bookmaker has seen its meaning broadened and extended to online sports betting platforms.

The missions of bookmaker websites

Online bookmakers are nothing more than sports betting platforms. Online bookmakers carry out the same operations as physical bookmakers, including setting the various odds and retrieving the bets made by the punters. However, online bookmakers’ sites offer many more advantages than traditional bookmakers do.

For example, when you register on an online betting platform, you will be offered a bonus on arrival as a welcome bonus. This can be a refundable initial bet or a bonus for the first amount you have to deposit. In addition, online bookmakers often make a number of promotional offers such as free bets or opportunities to recover some of the bets you have placed.

The most important thing to remember is that online bookmakers offer a rich and complete variety of bets enriched by the diversification of sports and competitions where every bettor finds his account. In contrast to bookmakers as they have been known historically, online bookmakers offer very high odds, which is a considerable opportunity for bettors’ chances of winning.

It is thanks to all these advantages that online bookmakers have supplanted physical bookmakers in just a few decades. In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, other reasons have been added in their favour over time: the fact that online sports betting platforms are accessible anytime and anywhere, the improvement of the sites and the better conditions for the players operating on these bookmaker platforms.

Bettors are thus put in comfortable situations, being able to easily deposit and withdraw sums via multiple means of payment, turning to the bookmakers’ bettors’ assistance for help, keeping an eye on useful figures for reasonable bets, etc. And that’s not all!

In a word, everything is done by online bookmakers to give you the pleasure of betting well. We have therefore listed for you some bookmakers who offer the best services to bettors.

The best welcome offers from bookmakers

They rival each other in ingenuity, but these bookmakers manage to emerge among the hundreds that exist. They include Winamax, Betclic and Unibet.

Winamax, bookmaker of the best odds for bettors

In the beginning, Winamax was a bookmaker that devoted all of its online operations to the game of poker. Over time, the online betting company ended up working in sports betting for 6 years now. Winamax is a very ambitious bookmaker, which means that it is now almost unrivalled by the online betting giants.

This remarkable success is mainly due to 2 main factors: the total clarity of their offer when you sign up on the one hand, and on the other hand odds above what other bookmakers in France offer. Many things should be noted about the Winamax online betting platform.

In terms of ergonomics

Winamax’s performances are sober and efficient. In the absence of a top-of-the-range and hyper-designed graphic interface, the online sports betting site is very simple and easy to change its pages. This practicality makes for a pleasant user experience for all bettors.

Types of bets

Winamax is a bookmaker offering bets on a rich variety of sports and betting options. The proof is in the system bets. Winamax also makes the difference with other bookmakers by allowing punters to share their bets with other punters. But what is even more attractive with this online betting site is the creation of the sports betting manager (trainer) game, which has been available for 4 years now, and for the last 2 years the subscription to the Cashout insurance.

Live betting

From 2016, the bookmaker Winamax will offer streaming video products for many sports (German football championship, US national basketball championship, major tennis competitions…). The site is very reactive in terms of live betting with very interesting combinations of bets.

The amount of odds at Winamax

The height of the sides is one of Winamax’s favourite areas. This is demonstrated by their advertisements that remind us of the advantages of their odds. Among the bookmakers, only Winamax offers very advantageous odds such that only another online betting site like Unibet can compete. These hyper-competitive Winamax odds are most noticeable in major football leagues.

Technical customer support

One of the things the Winamax bookmaker can be blamed for is that the assistance is not their strength. Online betting players cannot get help either by telephone or by spontaneous chat. Only help via e-mail is possible.

Payment methods on the online betting platform

Whichever means of payment you choose, the maximum deposit limit at Winamax is 15 euros. Pre-paid tickets such as Paysafecard work and you can deposit to your account using barcodes. It is also possible to make your payments in cash.

Betclic, England leading sports betting bookmaker

With its 15 years of existence, Betclic is indisputably the best platform for French sports bettors. The Betclic site concentrates all the advantages that guarantee the pleasure of betting with complete peace of mind, especially for beginners.

Ergonomic performance of the bookmaker platform

On the Betclic site, you can register and validate all the steps until you register without any hassle. No complications or disturbances. Better still, you can choose a different format for the odds.

The bets you can choose on Betclic

Betclic is a bookmaker that covers all types of sports certified by the Gaming Authority (ATP tennis, Foot, NBA,…). You can take advantage of important offers for classic betting. The bookmaker also stands out with its Colossus Bet. These offers are alternating bets without odds but with great winnings. But the most remarkable is the possibility of accumulating bets that have gone wrong so as not to lose all the winnings.

Live betting

Among the bookmakers, it is on Betclic that you will really enjoy live betting. Indeed, the site offers you a panoramic view of all your operations, displays analyses of the figures for matches and players in competition.

What about the height of the odds?

It has to be said that Betclic’s online sports betting odds are lower than those of the leading bookmakers (Winamax, Unibet).

Customer support for players

Contrary to Winamax, support by messaging (chat) is possible. The chat is accessible all week long but you can also ask for help with your online bets via email. But just like Winamax, it is impossible to phone.

Means of payment

All traditional payment methods are accepted on Betclic. You can make deposits and transactions via operator cards such as MasterCard, Paypal( you cannot deposit less than 10 euros). There are no additional fees required during transactions.

Unibet, great football odds

Unibet is a bookmaker with Swedish origins thanks to its founder. It was listed on the stock exchange and is now present throughout Europe. The Unibet bookmaker’s specificity is to offer better odds than its competitors, especially in the most popular sports and competitions.

Unibet therefore allows you to win big with your bets. This online bookmaker has a modern graphic platform with a dynamic and attractive live game system and videos.

Ergonomic performance

Unibet is the best bookmaker in this field after Betclic. The platform has a pleasant and high-performance interface.

The different bets on Unibet

The bookmaker Unibet covers all sports and types of betting allowed by the ANJ. Traditional modes such as under-over, end score, goals scored, etc. are well available. Unibet has had cashout integrated for 2 years now to guarantee bettors better control of their bets. However, Unibet can be criticised for not offering betting grids like Winamax or manager games.

Live betting on Unibet

Bookmaker Unibet brings it all together for great live betting. You have a global vision that you can customise personally, access to vital figures on current matches to help you decide on your live bets, etc. Unibet broadcasts numerous sports via video streaming thanks to its Unibet Tv channel.

The amount of the odds

Unibet’s odds usually exceed the odds of other bookmakers, but not only in football. On a per match basis, Unibet looks at the odds of its competitors and raises its odds a little more than these bookmakers on a few offers. Interestingly, Unibet offers the highest odds for all 3 1N2 possibilities.

By way of comparison, Winamax is the only bookmaker that can do the same as Unibet in this area.

Help available to bettors

Unibet has a FAQ that largely addresses the main concerns of the betting public. Bettors can also get assistance from Unibet by phone every day, by email or online chat.

Payments at Unibet

The bookmaker accepts the usual means of payment, bank cards, electronic purses, prepaid tickets etc. The minimum deposit is 5 euros with no fees or commissions. For the last 4 years Unibet has also allowed payments via Paypal.

Which bookmaker to choose? Things to consider when dealing with a bookmaker

Today, the arrival of online bookmakers in the world of sports betting has changed the habits of many bettors. Many online platforms now offer betting and show originality in order to stand out from competing bookmakers. The hyper-competitive nature of the bookmaker market justifies this behaviour.

The result of this situation is that bookmakers’ offers are so numerous and attractive that bettors no longer know which bookmaker’s services to choose. We have therefore grouped together a number of general criteria that will enable you as a bettor to make the right choice of bookmaker.

The legal rules

Legislation is the first thing to check when choosing a good bookmaker. You should not be flexible in this area. You must make sure that your bookmaker operates in accordance with national betting rules. It gives authorisations and licences to online bookmaker sites that fully comply with the established conditions. Some sites present the ANJ label directly. Bookmakers such as Winamax, Betclic, NetBet, etc., for example, have the required licences.

By placing your bets on a bookmaker site that complies with the law, you not only put yourself under the protection of the legal texts, but you are also protected by practices that take care of your health and your operations are secure. Moreover, bonuses are under conditions favourable to the majority. Checking that your bookmaker complies with the legal rules is therefore the first and most important thing to check.

The range of betting options offered by the bookmaker

This is one of the most decisive criteria that incline towards a bookmaker. The range of sports betting is a decisive piece of information. On average, the best online bookmaker platforms offer 25 to 30 different sports on which to place your bets. A good bookmaker makes offers on popular competitions (football, tennis chelms, Top14, golf, F1, horse racing, etc.). Modern bookmakers also offer betting on new competitions that are becoming more popular.

The representation of a wide range of competitions is crucial as it gives you the opportunity to take advantage of every opportunity, to bet wherever you like and to choose from several types of sports betting.

The odds

Winnings are the most important thing for all bettors, there is no doubt about it. Each bet has its odds and it is these odds that allow you to estimate what you can win. Some bookmakers are even reputed to offer very high odds like Winamax. You will therefore choose a bookmaker who can offer you fairly high odds on average.

Monitor the bonuses given

Bookmakers often give bonuses, especially as a welcome bonus when you register online on a sports betting site. You can take advantage of this bonus once you have registered and it consists of a bonus on the first sums you have deposited or the reimbursement of the first bets that were badly placed. However, please note that the value and criteria of the bonus vary from one bookmaker to another.

But you should not only watch out for temporary bonuses. The best bookmakers sign up for long-term bonuses. They therefore periodically offer generous promotional offers throughout the betting season. These promotions take the form, for example, of cash back for lost bets, free bets at major sporting events, sponsor bonuses or loyalty benefits for bettors with an account.

The best way to find out all about the bonuses offered by a bookmaker is to consult their « test » before you register.

Other advantages offered by the bookmaker

Your bookmaker must distinguish himself from other bookmakers by offering advantages that put you in the best conditions. It is not enough that he offers you a wide choice of bets or great bonuses. One of these advantages is the bookmaker’s mobile format, in the form of a mobile application to make you comfortable to bet even when you are on the move.

Other notable benefits are cash out or prediction tournaments. The former allow you to guarantee the security of what you win, while the latter are opportunities to make big money. With a bookmaker, you should therefore be able to see the opinions given by betting professionals as well as the essential figures on each sportsman, team or confrontation in order to be able to make your bets in the most optimistic conditions.

Apart from these aspects, it is also profitable to opt for online betting bookmakers with the best ergonomics, poker and other games, live interactive spaces.

Reliable support and transactions

Finally, the reliability of your bookmaker’s services must also be taken into account. Find out if you are going to a professional bookmaker. For example in terms of customer support. In case of concerns you will have the possibility to call an expert of your bookmaker by phone. Can you ask questions to your bookmaker via chat or e-mail? Make sure you have all these details.

In the same vein, find out about the means of payment accepted by your bookmaker (bank cards, electronic wallet, prepaid tickets…), the minimum or maximum amounts you can deposit or whether or not you can make withdrawals via certain means of payment. You will thus be sure to choose a bookmaker who will allow you to carry out your transactions as you wish.

Now you know everything about bookmakers! There are no longer any grey areas concerning sports betting sites. In the light of the elements in this article, make the right choice of bookmaker and enjoy your winnings with complete peace of mind!

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