How do I play the 5 reel machine in a casino?

By far the most popular of all online video slot games, the five-reel slot stands out as the carrier of some of the most interesting and appealing themes, bonuses and mini-games known today. With themes ranging from cavemen to aliens, from TV sitcoms to classic movies, players can find an unlimited number of slots that honor their interests away from the casino.

What does « 5 reels » mean?

Slot machines are classified in several ways, one of which is the number of reels present in the game. The reels are the vertical sections that are set in motion when the spin button is pressed. A game can consist of several reels such as three, five or seven reels and these are multiplied by at least 3 columns to create a grid of symbols that must be organized into predetermined paylines for a win. The number of paylines varies greatly from game to game, but the majority of the five reel slots have 20 standard paylines.

Why choose a 5 reel slot?

Five-reel slots are the most common type of slot game, and for good reason. With exciting opening videos, entertaining animations throughout the game and frequently appearing arcade-style bonus mini-games, today’s five-reel slots bear no resemblance to the mechanical three-reel machines of yesteryear.

How often do they pay?

The fact that five reels create more winning combinations increases a player’s chances of landing on one. However, as with all slot games, payouts are determined by the token of the game, so statistically, small wins will be much more frequent and big wins much less. Of course, luck seems to be the common denominator for winning big regardless of the number of reels on the game.

Thanks to the random number generators found in all slot machines, the promised payout of a game will be the same regardless of the player or the length of play. You can get hot during a session, but the longer you play, the closer the game will play to its advertised payout percentage.

If you can afford it, playing with a maximum bet on most of your spins is expensive but can sometimes increase your chances of winning a decent jackpot. It is important to know this about every game you play. While some will play the game anyway, more experienced players will know that you get the best odds by betting the maximum number of coins on certain games.

Every player will have a different definition of the perfect slot machine, but it’s hard to go wrong with today’s highly entertaining five-reel games. With features ranging from multiple bonuses and feature videos to interactive games and scatter symbols, five reel slots meet the needs of all slot machine enthusiasts.

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