Learn how to play 3-reel slot machines

Among the many hundreds of different slot machine games available at most casino sites, you will find a category of slot machine games listed as 3-reel slots, and these types of slots are perfect for players looking for the simplest and easiest to play.

While a small selection of 3-reel slots will offer a bonus game, the vast majority of 3-reel slots do not offer any bonuses or bonus games, and when you play them, you will be able to activate only a small number of paylines.

The most commonly available slots in this category will either offer a single payline, and these slots for reference are called Classic Slots, but you will also find that some of these types of slot games will have 3 or 5 optional paylines that can be sent in live play.

Just like any other slot machine available for online and mobile slot players, you will have many betting options available, unfortunately these 3 reel slots offer players lower payouts than the 5 reel slots but the volatility is higher.

However, if you are unfamiliar with slots offering all kinds of bonuses and bonus games, and would much prefer to sit back and play the fast slots where your only task will be to click the spin button and hope for a win. The combination is spun in you will have a lot of possibilities to have fun and win by playing 3 reel slots.


Let us now enlighten you on the range of different 3-reel slot machines that you will be able to play at most casino sites. The earliest types of slots are known as classic slot games, and these slots all share one thing in common, which is that you will never be able to play only one payline.

However, Classic Slot Machines can be designed in such a way that by playing the maximum number of coins that such a slot machine offers via its betting options, you can enjoy an enhanced jackpot payout if you line up the jackpot payout symbols on the single payline. when playing the maximum betting rounds.

You will also find a number of optional 3-reel slots, the most common types of this category of slot games will allow you to activate and play 3 or 5 different paylines live.

Just like the classic slots, you will often find an improved jackpot win, but not by playing the maximum number of coins per line, but by putting each payline into play. Most optional 3-reel slots offer a different sized jackpot on the more numbered paylines, so note whether a higher value form of payout is offered when playing the maximum number of paylines on such a slot machine game.

Progressive 3-reel slots are also available as well as a small range of bonus games that award 3-reel slots. However, the usual way these types of slots offer their jackpots or allow you to trigger their respective basic bonus games is to play maximum bet rounds, then line up the jackpot symbol(s) or spin the bonus symbol(s) on the payline or pay lines.


There are some general tips that we can give you to play 3 reel slots optimally, obviously the very first thing you need to get familiar with are the payout percentages that each slot machine has been designed to return to the players in the long run.

The higher the RTP’s of a 3 reel slot machine, the more winnings you will receive in your long term play and as such, actively seek out slots with above average payouts, which as a reference will be all slots with payout percentages above 97% !

In addition, as mentioned above, many 3-reel slots offer enhanced payouts, usually by awarding their jackpot winnings to players playing maximum coin spins on single-reel slots or those players playing each payline live on optional 3-reel slots.

Thus, the optimal play strategy will require you to play the maximum coins or maximum payline spins on slots that offer an enhanced jackpot payout, because when the day comes that you have a chance to win these jackpots, you will receive the maximum possible winning payout available on those slots!


We just know that you will have a lot of fun playing one of the many different 3 reel slots, as there are many different themes attached to each individual slot machine available online and on the mobile casino sites, so you will find more than enough to suit your style of play.

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