Sic bo Rules

Despite its age, sic bo remains a relatively unknown casino game in the West. Indeed, many players have never even heard of sic bo. Obviously, even fewer players are aware of the rules of sic bo. And for players interested in learning about sic bo, read this guide.

Sic bo originated in ancient China, where it has been played for centuries. There is also a European variant of sic bo, Grand Hazard. The rules of both games are almost identical. Sic bo has recently arrived in Western casinos.

How the game works

At the beginning of the game, the player must place a bet. Each player has the right to place one or more bets within the limits of the table. Once the game is over, the dice will be rolled. Then the surface of each mould will display a number. Then, simply compare the resulting combination with the player’s bet. The player who guesses the winning result of the combination will calculate the payout based on the result.

Pair of dice

Sic bo is Chinese for « pair of dice ». Although the name implies that the game is played with two dice, the game is actually played with three. The three dice are shaken in a container. When the shaking stops, the dice stop and display a certain value.

The main objective of sic bo is to predict the value of the three dice. Bets are placed on the sic bo table, just as you would when you place a bet on roulette . After placing a bet, the dice are shaken and, when they stop, the result of the bet can be determined.

The sic bo table may seem complicated at first, but if you relax and take your time, you will become familiar with the table and the game in a few minutes. Always try the games in free-play mode before playing with real money.

Types of bets 

Dice face: includes bets on one side of the dice. If the right side is chosen, the player wins a bet. If he hits two heads, the winning bet is double. The house advantage for dice face bets is 8%.
Two sides: Player bets on two sides. The bet is 5:1 and the house’s income from this bet is 17%.

Totals: Consists of betting on the total sum of the sides of the 3 dice. Players can bet on this bet from 4 to 17, and the payout ratio varies considerably depending on the casino.

Triple Bet: The triple bet is a prediction that at least three sides will have the same number. The payout ratio for this bet is 150:1! Unfortunately, the house edge is always 30% …

Any triple: Simply place a bet on a triple colour – the player will not specify which number will appear three times. The payout ratio for this bet is 22:1. The pool advantage for this bet is always 30%.

Any pair: Includes bets on any pair. The odds for this bet are 8:1, but the associated house gain is 33%. Any pair is undoubtedly the riskiest bet in the game.

Sic bo payout

The payout ratios of sic bo may vary from one online casino to another. For exact payout information, please check the in-game payout information before placing a bet. The sic bo payout ratio may be different on some bets, but in general, all online casinos will offer you comparable average payout rates.

Compared to many casino games, Sic bo is easy to learn. Don’t be fooled by the complicated looking sic bo table. Once you become familiar with the game and its rules, you will soon discover that sic bo is both easy and rewarding to play.

Now that you have read our Sic Bo rules explanation, you are ready to play sic bo online! We wish you every success playing sic bo online in the future!

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