Sic bo mobile: Play sic bo on your phone via an application

Sic Bo and mobile applications

Smart technology now has smart phones to have our choice of games to play with your mobile. Gone are the days when playing these games at land-based casinos was the only option. Mobile gaming has revolutionised the way games are played. You won’t be surprised to learn that approximately $10 billion is wagered each year via mobile platforms. Even more interesting, gamblers prefer to play Sic Bo on their mobile or online on their PC.

Virtual sic bo on your mobile or tablet is exactly the same as you would expect on a desktop computer. You simply place your bets using a touch-sensitive virtual interface and a random number generator determines the outcome of the dice rolls.

There are two ways to play sic bo via mobile. The first is to register at a reputable online casino and install their software to play the game or download the sic bo application from the Play Store and start playing.

Sic bo fans will find this online gaming application to be a great way to play sic bo, many of which are either for play money or to compete with other players for sic bo’s ranking.

Once you have the application on your mobile, it will open to display a sic bo gaming table, where you can place all your bets. You bet on the result of a draw of three dice. You can bet on the appearance of certain numbers, on a combination of certain numbers or on the total of the three dice.

You can pick up the chips from your stack with your finger and place them anywhere on the gaming table. You can cover as many bets as you wish, as long as you have enough chips to cover your bets.

Once you are satisfied with your bet, you press the « roll » button and the dice will roll on your screen and eventually settle. The software will automatically calculate how much you have won (or not) and adjust your bank balance accordingly.

Because the sic bo gaming table has a lot of possible bets, it is probably a more enjoyable gaming experience if you play sic bo mobile on a tablet or smartphone with a large screen.

The Mobile sic bo software should be available as a downloadable version for iOS and Android mobile devices. If the casino from which you obtained your game uses HTML5 as the software tool by which it creates its games (playtech, microgaming, etc.), you should also be able to play on a Windows Phone or Blackberry.

Teach the basics as well as the risk when playing this game.

Explain how to play the game using proven game strategies such as D’alembert, Fibonaci, Martingale and Leboucher with a specially designed betting calculator using the game strategies presented.

A number of strategies require you to memorize a betting string that is relatively heavy. The integrated betting calculator simplifies this process by generating the chain of bets to be followed.

The betting calculator will also generate the information you need to make informed decisions based on the risk and bankroll allowed by land-based casinos. Simply follow the generated sequence to reach your desired goal.

Whether you call Sic Bo as tai sai or hi lo, this form of entertainment is an easy to learn game and a fun type of mobile entertainment.

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