All you need to know about Sic Bo, the exciting casino game from Asia.

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The Sic Bo. This name may not ring a bell, especially if you are not a gaming enthusiast. Sic Bo is a casino game of Chinese origin available online. Sic Bo continues to make many players happy. Discover in this article all about Sic Bo.

The origin of Sic Bo

Long before you learn more about Sic Bo, it is very important to introduce you to the birth of this game of dice still unknown to the general public: Sic Bo. Back to the beginnings of the game.

When did Sic Bo first appear?

Sic Bo originated on the Asian continent. When we look at the etymological meaning of the word, Sic Bo means « pair of dice« . In the South Asian countries, i.e. in the Cambodian, Indonesian and Macau regions, the game Sic Bo is also known as Tai Sai. What is certain is that Sic Bo was introduced on the North American continent, more precisely in the U.S.A. in the 20th century.

It is thanks to migratory phenomena that the export of Sic Bo to the United States was made possible. In concrete terms, it was the workers from China who usually used Sic Bo. These workers worked on America’s first railway lines. But Sic Bo was more or less discussed when it first appeared on the European continent. In France, for example, Sic Bo was not legally recognised.  Among the British, it was not until the early 2000s that Sic Bo was finally legalised.

Understanding how Sic Bo works

Sic Bo includes a number of components that are necessary for the game to run smoothly. To play Sic Bo you need a table. This table has many squares and multiple columns. In Sic Bo, players use the table to make their various bets. Sic Bo also requires a mat. The mat is used to roll the three dice and is a main component of Sic Bo.

The game of Sic Bo is played under the control of a character called a « croupier ». In Sic Bo, the croupier’s role is to record the bets made by the various players. It is also the croupier who is responsible for settling the winnings of the bettors at the end of the Sic Bo game. His missions don’t stop there, he also ensures that the machine that mixes the Sic Bo dice works properly. In fact, this mechanisation of Sic Bo ensures parity and equality so as not to disadvantage some punters to the benefit of others.

However, Sic Bo is a game that must be mastered because it presents certain complexities. It is therefore necessary to have a good understanding of the different bets made in order to be successful in Sic Bo.

How the Sic Bo game is played

Sic Bo is largely a game in which one predicts. In order to win in Sic Bo, the bettor must be able to guess the nature of the roll of the dice. So you can see that playing Sic Bo is not a game of jokes. On the other hand, the profits that a Sic Bo player can make depend on the nature of the bet for which he will have shown up.

These different Sic Bo bets are very varied and offer a wide range of alternatives to players. In addition, the payment terms vary greatly depending on each of the bets. The Sic Bo game is relatively simple: the bettor only has to place his chips in the box relating to the bet he has chosen. Then, the Sic Bo player only has to wait for the dealer to turn on the automaton that shuffles the dice.

If you would like to know more about the Sic Bo rules and the various bets, you’ve come to the right place, just take a look at our special Sic Bo rules section.

Discover the foolproof techniques and strategies to win.

Sic Bo is no exception to the condition for success in a game: the mastery of effective techniques and strategies. It is therefore essential to develop plans that you must follow in Sic Bo to make frequent gains. Possessing them fully will allow you to overcome any opponent. However, you should be aware that not all the tips shared on the Internet will necessarily work every time.

To help you approach Sic Bo with peace of mind and maximum confidence, we’ve listed a number of effective strategies that have proven and continue to prove themselves and are highly praised by users. So you will find all the Sic Bo schemes. How do I bet? How to manage your game? etc. We have devoted our section to all these questions to turn you into a spectacular Sic Bo player in record time.

The different types of players

Although Sic Bo has its rules that many people know, not all players approach it in the same way. Here are the main types of Sic Bo players that can be found :

Beginners: they are not familiar with the rules of Sic Bo but bet to win. Paradoxically, it is often thought that luck is on their side for their debut and allows them to win.

Those who have strategies: these are the Sic Bo connoisseurs. They are talented and exploit situations in their favour.

Those who manage in Sic Bo: they are particularly to be feared in Sic Bo and in general in all games of chance. They do nothing at random, are very forward-looking, meticulous and rigorous towards themselves. They prefer to accumulate reasonable winnings rather than risking madly for large sums of money.

Sic Bo enthusiasts: it’s heart and passion that speak. They don’t dwell on the strategic side. Money is not their leitmotiv.

So now you know all about Sic Bo and the different people you can meet. The ball…or rather the dice are in your court. It’s up to you to get into Sic Bo and enjoy all the pleasures that only the game can provide.

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