Scratch game rules: Learn to play online

Until a few years ago, scratch cards were bought in local shops or large supermarkets. You can either scratch them directly or take them home and scratch them while you wait to earn money. The habit of buying them at a physical point of sale was quite normal. Nowadays, the idea of scratch cards has changed, as online scratch cards have become wildly popular among gamblers and as a result, many other online casinos now offer scratch card games to their customers. In order to get the best possible experience when playing these types of scratch cards, we have designed a short guide that gives you all the information you need to play and win.

The purpose of scratch card games

When you play online games like scratch cards, the goal is exactly the same. You scratch the virtual card and follow the rules of the game to see if you have won. Each ticket has a specific type of game with its own rules and, using your trusty mouse – not a coin or your fingernail – you scratch the marked area on the screen. In the same way as for the physical versions, you win online by meeting the winning criteria defined in the rules of each type of game.

There are several ways to win with online scratch cards, the most common ones are as follows

  • Match 2 or 3 identical symbols and win the associated prizes.
  • Beat the dealer’s score by scratching and revealing the best cards in games like blackjack or poker.
  • Match 3 times the same amount of money on the same card to win that amount.
  • Find a bonus symbol on the card that makes you win a specific amount of money instantly. 

Depending on the tickets themselves, the rules are constantly changing and it is advisable to read the terms and conditions of each game to make sure you know its purpose beforehand to avoid disappointment.


Choosing the right scratch card

As you browse through our list of recommended casinos, you will notice that many of them offer scratch games, click here. These games have been developed in collaboration with reputable game publishers and have become increasingly popular among online casino players. You have extensive game libraries dedicated to scratch cards, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose a game.

Our advice on choosing a scratch card is to start with a game that potentially excites you or makes you smile, a game that includes a theme that interests you or that you find fun and that will not bore you after the first scratches.

As a new player, you are entitled to a free game and a series of bonuses to give you the opportunity to learn more about the casino of your choice. Use the free game to your advantage and keep in mind that free scratch cards are a great way to win real money. This means that you can play absolutely risk-free! What a great deal!


Playing scratch cards

The scratch card game is so fast that you can end up playing a lot of cards one after the other at a fairly fast pace. Here are the 4 basic steps you need to follow when playing scratch cards online :

  • Always start by reading the rules and looking at the paytable and price structure.
  • Start by defining the amount you want to « pay » or bet for the card, the more you bet, the bigger the potential winnings will be.
  • You use your mouse to scratch the designated area on the screen to show symbols, cards or monetary values, etc. Sometimes games offer automatic scratch functions.
  • You check the area you have scratched to see if you have met the desired winning criteria for that game or if you have discovered an instant win bonus symbol.

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