Scratch ticket jackpot: the biggest winnings

What are the scratch games with the highest winnings?

At my casino, we analyse for you the 3 scratch games that can bring you the biggest winnings!
To do this, we take into account the payout rate as well as the number of draws in the game and the maximum amount to be won.

Mega crossword puzzle :

The aim of the game is to scratch the 20 letters and succeed in finding the given words. Depending on the number of words, your winnings are higher or lower.
For 6 million units sold, the redistribution rate is 72%. There are 2 chances to win 600 000€ and 5 chances to win 20 000€, i.e. one chance out of 3 million to win 600 000€. Patience and luck are required!

Heritage Mission:

Launched to finance the renovation of French heritage (historic religious buildings, monuments etc.) The ticket price is 15€.
The game is in 5 steps, you have to scratch extraordinary sites such as the Lillebonne theatre. It is possible that winnings may appear directly or symbols, a winnings grid with the symbols will be available to find out the amount of your loot!
But what is the maximum amount to win? Out of a lot of 6 000 000 draws, there are 3 prizes at 1 500 000€ which makes a chance of 1 in 2… millions to hit the jackpot! Don’t worry, 4 tickets at 150 000€ are also to be won, that’s already a lot of money!

Scratch card CASH:

Probably the most popular game thanks to its accessible price (5€) and the jackpot promised to the lucky winner who will get the winning ticket of 500€! The aim of the game is simple, you have to start by scratching the 5 symbols that will give you 5 numbers. These 5 numbers are important because you have to find them on the second part of the scratch where you have to scratch 20 symbols which will reveal for each one, a number with a potential win. As you will have understood, to obtain this gain, the number must correspond to one of the 5 numbers previously scratched.
For 18,000,000 draws, there are 3 tickets at 500,000€ and 3 tickets at 100,000€. The probability of winning the jackpot is much lower than on the 2 previous scratch games. In principle, this makes sense because the ticket price is more affordable. 71% of the stakes are returned to the players.

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