How to win at scratch games: 9 tips to help you win

As in any other game, scratching games have figures that you can spot if you pay enough attention. Of course, you always take a risk, but there are ways to tip the balance in your favour.

Here, then, are some techniques and tips to help you win cash easily.

1) Buying in bulk

Whether you buy 10 at a time or take the entire reel home, keeping an eye on the prize of a specific game increases your chances of winning the jackpot.

2) Choose your shop wisely

Every scratch fan has his or her own superstitions as to where he or she buys cards, but it is best to go to a place where there is not a lot of action around lottery games.

3) The cheaper the ticket, the slimmer the odds

Like slot machines, where you have to play big to win big, lotteries tend to keep winnings high for those who are willing to spend a little more to play.

4) Losing tickets brings you even closer to winning

Don’t be frustrated if the first few cards are failures – it just means that the winning ticket is hopefully still lurking at the bottom of your pile somewhere. Keep in mind that every striped card brings you closer to winning!

5) Check out the official website

To avoid ending up with a ton of cards for a game where the biggest prizes have already been claimed, a simple visit to the official website is a must. Always make a habit of checking before you go to the shop.

6) Choose the most recent games first

The website will also inform you of the introduction of a new game so that you can be the first to claim all the new prizes – provided, of course, that you arrive at the shop soon enough. You still have a chance to get real money as long as these bigger prizes are still in play, which is not always the case with older games.

7) Check the odds

You might think they are trying to keep the odds secret, but in fact they are printed on the back of each banknote. You can even ask the shop cashier to let you know what it says before you buy. Choose games with better odds.

8) Keep an eye on your competitors

For those who are very determined to get rich, try to linger in the shop where you plan to buy to see others reveal their own luck.

If you see someone winning, it’s probably best to try another game or another shop. On the other hand, if you see a string of losses, it’s time to buy as many cards as you can and hope to get the winner.

9) Keep the losing tickets

It’s tempting to throw them away after you’ve been disappointed, but many games (including scratch cards) have second chance lottoes where you can play again and still win some money.

You should also ask the cashier to scan them in case you’ve forgotten any winnings. It may not be the jackpot, but you might have at least some cash in reserve to keep you playing in the next round.

Have we forgotten tips that you or someone you know used to win big? Let us know below, and make sure to SHARE with your friends!

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