From huge winnings to scratch games: Discover the biggest winners.

For most people, a scratch-card win represents a few dozen euros or a few hundred if they are lucky. But what about the players who walk away with crazy amounts of their lucky choice? We have compiled a list of the biggest winners in history.


Lisa from Birmingham won the first prize of €50,000 when she bought the Fruity Flurry scratch card . She planned to use the cash to buy a new house and to take her boys on their first holiday. Then there was Izet, 21 years old, whose victory of 777 online scratch cards made him a winner of 7777€. Meanwhile, Harshd from London had a nice surprise when his online scratch revealed that he had just won a brand new Porsche Carrera plus €25,000.


Grace Walker, a housewife from Lanarkshire, Scotland, wins one of the greatest scratch card victories of all time. Walker’s lucky scratch card was chosen based on her favourite colour, pink. Despite the huge windfall, she said that this was not the end of her scratch card purchases, « I won’t stop buying scratch cards, though. »

Despite her new status as a millionaire, Grace and her husband William promised to stay in their home, which has been their home for over 30 years.


Bride-to-be Jackie Murphy stopped to pick up a scratch card at the end of a long working day. After discovering her victory, she rushed to the shop to check it out, before she got a little weak in the knees and had to be helped to sit down. As the shopkeeper called the lottery officials, she called her 10-year-old partner to tell him the good news.

The two plan to use the prize money to pay for their wedding, which was their goal before the big victory.

Despite their sudden change in fortune, they plan to continue the economic union they had planned (her dress being bought at a sale and their shoes coming from Tesco), the only change being a free bar round for friends and family.


Bartender Lewis Rider’s victory allowed him to exchange pints for champagne corks when he cashed in a million from a scratch card.

The lucky ticket was bought on a whim, after Rider went out to buy food for his dog Marley. After this victory, he announced his intention to invest in real estate and spend a family holiday in Lanzarote.

Since his big win, Rider has been back in the headlines again. He was recently withdrawn from an auction where he had just bought £20,000 worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger memorabilia from films such as Terminator 2. He had been promised a moment with the legendary film star, but became furious when he was declared too drunk for a face-to-face.

Source: Lottoland

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