Online roulette software

Roulette has come a long way since the days when people played on wooden boards in the 18th century. Online casinos have brought roulette to every device, from personal computers to smartphones. They have made gambling accessible to millions of people around the world. Since the advent of online roulette, the demand for gambling has grown exponentially. As the number of online gamblers increased, so did the products. The gaming market is filled with developers creating platforms to run roulette games . Roulette software allows you to run the game on a variety of devices, including mobiles. The rules of the game are constant, but the versions vary.

You can find a developer who offers exclusively European roulette. However, most of them have products for each version. In addition to regular roulette, game manufacturers have live roulette options. A live roulette table is designed as a relational casino using AI and graphics. Recently, roulette software supply companies have been working on integrating virtual reality. The technology is relatively new and only a few manufacturers such as Microgaming have invested in it. We expect that in the next few years the technology will be ready for the consumer. In this guide, we explore the options of roulette software vendors and what to expect.

Choosing the right software

The roulette platform you choose to play on will determine your experience. Even if the gameplay is standard, no two software programs are identical. Installing on a game developer can be daunting given the many alternatives on the market. Learn a few things about finding the best roulette software provider.

Choosing variants

Consider the caster versions offered by a manufacturer. If you like to try different things, find a developer with several selections . Playtech, for example, has American, French and European roulette titles. You’ll find that developers customize their games by adding certain features. Take a look at the list of roulette titles and decide if they match your gaming requirements.

Betting limits

The betting limits on a roulette game will dictate how much you can bet on each spin. Roulette games from different developers have varying coin values. The type of player you are will determine the correct betting limits. For example, if you are a big player, a roulette game with a maximum limit of $10,000 is ideal.


Not all roulette games are accessible on all machines. Please consider the compatibility of any software before trying to play it. Where do you plan to play online roulette? Just because a game works perfectly on Windows doesn’t mean it will work on an Android tablet. Check the device requirements for a roulette game to see if a particular platform is right for you. If you play on a mobile device, consider the compatibility of roulette software on mobile devices. Some games are available on native applications while others use HTML5 or Flash.

Popular software providers

When looking for the best roulette software provider, you have a long list of innovative developers to consider. We have reviewed several software manufacturers that create roulette games and selected the top three.


One of the most recognizable names in online gaming thanks to the vast library of games and top quality products. The game creator offers mobile games that allow players to play roulette on the go. You get great graphics and a lively experience when playing Microgaming titles. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is a game you can try.


This game creator is the reference for regular and live casino roulette games. He is known for his unique roulette titles such as Superman and Age of The Gods roulette. Playtech currently offers 40 roulette games. Players enjoy high resolution and realistic graphics with Playtech games.


Evolution Gaming is the leading developer of live casino games, including roulette. Lighting roulette is the most popular title of this software manufacturer. Evolution sets the standard for live roulette games with impressive visuals that make it easy for you to forget you are playing online. The majority of casinos that offer live table games feature Evolution products.

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Is it possible to manipulate the castor platforms?

Every roulette player, especially newcomers, wants to know if you can beat the system. As a game of chance, roulette is difficult to beat. The platforms use random number generators. This means that the winning number depends on an algorithm that randomly chooses from a sequence. Therefore, it is almost impossible to beat online roulette unless you have a thorough knowledge of sequencing. However, you can improve your chances of winning by using various betting systems. Over the years, roulette players have developed betting strategies to improve their odds. There is no scientific evidence that these betting systems work. Martingale, columnar betting and D’Alembert are some of the strategies you can look for.

Our advice

Although it is a game of chance, you can always find ways to make your online roulette experience positive. First of all, choose reputable software providers with authority in the field. Make sure you can trust the quality of the games you choose to play. Of course, play from a legitimate online casino.

Know your chances of getting in. Understand the house advantage of a roulette game before you wager real money. Note that different versions of roulette will have varying odds. Consider these numbers when deciding how much to bet and what type of bet to make.

Check the RTP of a roulette game from a particular developer. The RTP tells you how the game pays.

Know what bets are available so you can choose the best ones. For example, outside bets pay more time than inside bets, but they also pay less. We recommend outside bets because you won’t have to stay too long to see a return on your bet.

As always, take your pace. Have a gambling budget and stick to it. Use the limit features of a casino to keep track of your spending. Avoid trying to chase losses. Know when to withdraw from a game.