Royal Roulette: How to play it?

What is royal roulette?

Roulette is not one of the first games that players think of when it comes to progressive jackpots. Instead, slot machines, Caribbean Stud and Let ‘Em Ride are much more popular for jackpot purposes.

However, a certain version of roulette can offer huge progressive winnings. Roulette Royale has won more than $440,000 worth of winnings!

Assuming that you like to play for jackpots with non-slot games, you may want to learn more about Roulette Royale.

How does Roulette Royale work?

Roulette Royale is played just like any other form of real money online roulette. It features a single zero wheel (aka European wheel) and the same types of bets as any other European roulette game.

However, the Royal version contains some distinct differences:

  • It offers a progressive jackpot.
  • It offers a standard version and an « expert mode ».
  • You must place a mandatory jackpot bet to play. Therefore, you still qualify for a chance to win the progressive prize every round.

Expert mode unlocks neighbouring bets, including zero neighbours, orphans and the third of the cylinder. You can also select the Expert option if you like these exotic bets.

Apart from these two differences, you’ll have no trouble understanding Roulette Royale. It offers the same gaming experience as any other online version.

Available Bets

This game requires you to make one or more standard bets with the jackpot bet. For the first one, you can bet on one or more standard roulette offers.

Roulette Royale offers all the basic bets available in European roulette, including the following:

  • Single number
  • Divided
  • Street
  • Trio
  • Corner
  • Six lines
  • Dozens
  • Columns
  • Black red
  • Odd/even
  • Top / bottom

You can risk between $1 and $500 on the standard bet. In addition, you can bet on several outcomes from the list above.

The jackpot bet is worth $1 (table minimum). This game forces you to place the bet on the dollar side each time you play a round.

Four different jackpots

Roulette Royale offers the following four jackpots:

  • 15x your wager (for example, a $5 bet qualifies for $75).
  • 200x your wager (for example, a $5 bet qualifies for $1,000).
  • 3,000x your wager (for example, a $5 bet qualifies for $15,000).
  • Progressive jackpot (starting at $60,000).

The first three prizes are fixed in nature. Potential payouts depend on the risk you take on each round.

Microgaming, developer of Roulette Royale, sells the progressive jackpot at $60,000. The first prize takes a small percentage of each jackpot bet.

One player has won a prize of over $440,000. The Roulette Royale progressive jackpot is worth over $374,000 at the time of writing.

How do you win the jackpots?

Unlike slot machines, Roulette Royale does not pay out its jackpots randomly. You have to hope that the ball lands on the same number two or more consecutive times to hit a jackpot.

Here are the rules for winning each of the four prizes mentioned above:

  • 15x your bet = same number on 2 consecutive rounds
  • 200x your bet = same number on 3 consecutive rounds
  • 3,000x your bet = same number on 4 consecutive rounds
  • Progressive jackpot = same number over 5 consecutive laps

The rules of Roulette Royale seem quite simple. As I will explain later, the chances of the ball landing on the same number five times in a row are very slim.

Roulette Royale RTP and jackpot odds

A standard European roulette game offers a 97.3% return to the player (RTP). It is in fact one of the most lucrative games in online casinos.

Roulette Royale, unfortunately, gives you a much lower chance of winning. It offers only 63% RTP when the jackpot is initialized at $60,000.

A big reason why the RTP of Roulette Royale is so low is due to the jackpot odds. You only have a 1 in 1,874,161 chance of the ball landing on the same number five times in a row.

Close-up of the roulette wheel

Your standard bet carries the same 97.3% RTP as any European roulette game. However, the jackpot bet and its long odds really reduce your chances of winning.

Even with the three fixed jackpots in the mix, you face 63% RTP once the jackpot is initialized. The payout percentage only improves as the jackpot increases.

This game actually offers a break-even point (100% RTP) when the progressive price reaches $760,501. However, the progressive payout has not yet eclipsed $440,353 in the history of the game.

Advantages of Royal Roulette

Roulette Royale offers some distinct advantages over a regular castor variant. The following advantages may make you want to chase the jackpot in this unique game.

You can win big!

Basic European roulette gives you the opportunity to win big. You can win a payout of 35:1 on a winning single number bet.

But unless you risk $100 per spin, you’re not going to win any money that will change your life with this 35:1 payout. Roulette Royale, on the other hand, gives you a chance to win big money, no matter how big your bet is.

The highest jackpot is worth at least $60,000. This progressive payout almost always reaches six figures.

As if this prize wasn’t exciting enough, you can also play for fixed jackpots worth 15x, 200x and 3000x your bet. These prizes become significant when you bet more money.

Roulette Royale is cheap

You don’t need to risk a lot to line up for a big jackpot with Roulette Royale. All you need to do is place a minimum bet of $1 with a parallel bet of $1.

Of course, you can risk more on the regular bet. This qualifies you for higher winnings on the fixed jackpots.

However, there is no obligation to risk more than $2 in total. In fact, I suggest sticking to minimum bets because of the low RTP.

Totally unique compared to other roulette games

The roulette wheel offers a few different basic versions, including American, European and French roulette. However, these games differ only slightly depending on their wheel and/or rules.

The Royal variant is very different from any other roulette game. It has four jackpots, including a huge progressive payout.

This game certainly offers a lot to love. However, Roulette Royale could improve on the following aspects.


You probably won’t play this game right away when the jackpot is hit. Therefore, you can at least avoid the dreaded 63% RTP with ease.

But you will still face incredibly long odds when the jackpot reaches $100,000 or even $200,000. You also have very little chance of overcoming the odds of 1 in 1,874,161 to win the progressive jackpot.

Of course, the break-even point of $760,501 offers 100% RTP. You would theoretically have an advantage in this case.

Again, however, the Roulette Royale jackpot has never exceeded $440,353. Until that happens, you can’t even begin to think about the break-even point.

Jackpots don’t reach epic proportions

Earlier, I explained how Royale gives you the opportunity to win big. But you’re still not going to win as much as the best jackpot slots offer.

No one has even managed to win half a million dollars with this game. Meanwhile, the biggest jackpot in online slot machines is currently worth over $5 million (Shopping Spree).

You certainly wouldn’t complain about winning about $400,000 thanks to Roulette Royale. But that’s not quite enough to retire early in most countries.

No option on the Jackpot Bet

Roulette Royale is not a game for casual roulette players who like to bet on red/black, up/down, etc. Instead, it is about jackpot potential.

You must place both a minimum standard bet and a secondary bet of $1. The latter is a mandatory bet with a low RTP.

The odds are, you only play this game for progressive and fixed jackpots anyway. But you also don’t have the possibility to take a few rounds with the parallel bet.

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