How to win at roulette?

Roulette has a great influence on players all over the world. Roulette is one of the best known forms of gambling in the world and it certainly has a lot of class, the roulette wheel being the very symbol of the game for many people in many cultures.

The game of online roulette has become very popular and as we got used to playing online roulette in the comfort of our homes, we started to wonder how we could beat the casinos at their own game and how we could win at online roulette.

We look at some of the best strategies to end the supreme reigns of your favorite casino table game.

Understanding Roulette

Before even considering how to win and how to increase your chances of winning at this great game, you will need to understand a few basic factors for online roulette and casino games :

Understanding the safest bet

  • Learn more about the different versions of the game
  • Get practical and applicable advice on how to succeed at roulette.
  • Earning more than ever

Winning at Online Roulette: The Basics

To develop winning strategies for online roulette, you first need to understand what the game is all about. Strategies for simple games like slots are much easier to understand than a more complex game like roulette.

It is more than a ball spinning wildly around a wheel covered with red and black sections; there is a logic behind it and we are here to explain it. Roulette is a game of chance, but luck has little to do with overall success.

Players can place bets on an individual number, a group of numbers or a selection of special bets.

Depending on the version of the roulette game, the wheel can have between 37 and 38 numbers, from 1 to 36, including a 0 and a 00 (« double zero« ) in the American game.

Winnings are determined by the outcome of a ball spinning around the wheel. When the ball lands, you know whether or not you have won. There are several types of bets you can place, including, but not limited to :

  • internal bets (placed on a number or groups of numbers)
  • Outdoor betting (even/odd, red/black, 1-18/19-36)

The best roulette winnings are usually on inside bets, but you should understand that the odds of hitting an inside bet are much lower than outside bets, which can be as low as 50%, depending on the version of online roulette you are playing.

Outside bets are really your best friends. It is not surprising that the majority of successful winning strategies in roulette have been developed for use on outside bets exclusively.

Online Roulette: The House Edge

There are real strategies that will increase your chances of winning and you’d do well to review them.

If you stick to outside bets, your chances will be close to 50%. The slight variation depends on 0 and 00, assuming you are having fun in the American version of the game. Therefore, there may be slightly different payout rates (let’s call them « house edge » to get used to the jargon) depending on the version of the game, for example :

  • French Roulette – 1.35% or 2.70%.
  • European Roulette – 2.70%
  • American Roulette – 5.26% – 7.89%

The French version comes with two special rules that can help you get even more out of it!

American Roulette is clearly the version that will challenge you the most when it comes to winning big. Some players still prefer to stick with this version because they like the thrill of uncertainty.

Using game strategies to beat online roulette

Unlike most casino games, you can use real strategies to play against the house. All of these strategies have proven to be effective, at least to some extent, in the short to medium term, but in the long run they prove difficult, as you will have to manage the slight house advantage every time you spin the ball. This applies to all forms of roulette both online and in a casino.

With a little foresight, you can easily make a good profit and then stop while you are ahead. Strategy to follow :

  • Martingale
  • Fibonacci
  • Labouchere

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The Martingale strategy

All strategies have their quirks and pitfalls. The Martingale, for example, is based on a very low payout; you bet the same amount until you lose, then you double your bet and continue to double until you have recouped all your losses.

The idea here is that you continue to double your bets and when you win, you simply get your losses back. But it’s a bit like continuing your losses. The danger is that you will reach the limit of the table before you’ve recovered what you’ve lost.

The Fibonacci strategy

With the Fibonacci roulette strategy, you will need to remember or simply refer to a sequence of numbers :

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

The rules are simple. Each number is the result of the previous two numbers, so it is fairly easy to grasp and there are several interpretations of the sequence.

To make profits, you will have to win on the first bet. If you don’t and keep playing, you will have to win on the third round; if you win, you will break even, but if you keep losing after the third round, you won’t be able to recoup your losses. At this point, it is worth starting all over again or choosing another strategy.

If you win on your first bet, simply start again. If you are at the bottom of the sequence and you win, simply go back two numbers. Fibonacci is a negative progression system, which is a little scarier to play, but it seems to be very popular.

The Labouchere strategy

To play Labouchere, you must have a piece of paper with you. Write down the sequence of numbers you want. For example, write down the number sequence you want:


– Each bet you make must be equal to the total sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence, in this case 1+3 = $4. If you win, you cross out the numbers. If you lose, you add the total sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence, so you get 1+3 = 4 :


– If you win your first bet and you only have one number left, bet it, i.e. $2. If you win the $2 bet, write down a new sequence and start again. Labouchere is easy and fun to play. Plus, if you lose the $2, you’ll have to add it to the sequence:

2 – 2

– That means your next bet will be $4 and so on.

Tips for winning at roulette

It’s time to give some general roulette tips that will be useful to you. There are a number of considerations here, so let’s get started:

  • Stick to outside bets – Every time we have discussed a successful strategy, we have recommended outside bets. They offer the smallest variation, which is welcome for a smooth and successful game.
  • Choose French Roulette or European Roulette – You can always shave off some aspects of the house, such as the 00’s, and sticking to these two versions of the game will give you a little boost
  • Study betting strategies – Make sure you check to see if the betting strategies we have recommended are suitable for you. Most people start with Martingale or Labouchere because they find them the easiest for beginners.
  • Keep an eye out for new versions – There are several versions of roulette, so make sure you always check at least what the new versions offer in terms of gameplay and, of course, redistribution rates.
  • Make sure you win – Your winnings will be measured by the amount you have managed to deposit into your account at the end of your gaming session. Just make sure you set aside a small percentage of each successful round and don’t use that money to play. In this way, you are guaranteed a small profit or reward, even if no significant results are achieved.
  • Stick to the best operators – Playing with a reputable casino should be a top priority. Always stick to casinos that are known for their customer-oriented approach, seriousness and good reputation.

This advice may seem simple, but it is at the heart of any successful strategy. By combining your knowledge and understanding of the game with these simple practices, you will certainly learn how to win at online roulette in no time at all.