French Roulette: Tips and Tricks

French Roulette is a game of chance in which each player sitting at the table places a bet on one or more numbers, colours, or parities of numbers he wishes to draw. To draw a number, a ball must be thrown into a rotating circular container with notches with numbers of different colours.

This game is mainly played in the casino. French roulette is a game very similar to ball games (also known as minie roulette). It is usually played on a fixed cylindrical board and consists of 9 numbers (from 1 to 9).

French roulette has a cylinder with 37 numbers, identical tokens with a face value for all players admitted an unlimited number of players. Usually several sitting dealers use rakes for their operations.

If you are a fan of this casino game and its different variants, then this article will help you to better understand how the French version works! Read carefully to understand and note the tricks that will allow you to win more in this game.


French roulette was originally designed by the great French mathematician Blaise Pascal. He is the inventor of the very first calculating machine. It is called the « Pascaline ». He also invented the cylinder of French roulette, which was later reused by casino operators. This French scientist had no idea that he would one day allow gambling circles to become richer with roulette.

The casino chessboard of French roulette is cylindrical, with 37 squares in the range of 0 to 36. It should be noted that, as in the case of American roulette, the squares of French roulette are dyed red and black.

French roulette is different from American roulette because the former has only one zero space and the first five digits are not present. For the rest, the rules of French roulette are the same as those of the other versions.


  1. At the opening of the game, the dealer announces the number and total of all face value chips in the roulette bank to the roulette room manager and the boss. From that moment on, as soon as a player shows up, the dealer announces conspicuously that the gaming table is open and that play is possible with the announcement: « Place your bets ».
  2. Once the dealer has announced « Place your bets », all players at the table can bet. The dealer catches the ball from the roulette wheel and throws the roulette wheel in the opposite direction to the previous game. He presses the ball against the channel around the roulette wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction of the roulette wheel’s rotation.
  3. For the game to be accepted, the ball must rotate 3 times around the cylinder. Before the ball touches one of the copper deflectors interfering with its travel before it goes down into the roulette, the croupier declares: « Nothing is done. » Therefore, unless instructed to do so by the dealer or his manager, you may not bet on the mat.
  4. Once the ball falls into one of the squares, the dealer will announce the winning number and associated profits. The dealer puts a weight called the dolly on the winning number and pays the winning bet. Full, Horse, Horizontal, Square and Competition profits are announced significantly, and the chips are given directly to the players.

Payouts as column, dozen and single odds are placed next to the chips played. After the executed payouts the dealer will remove the dolly from the number and announce « Place your bets ». Therefore, winning bets that are placed on the board can be removed by the players.


Have you ever played a game at a French roulette table? Then let us show you the structure of the French roulette table. It is really important to master this element, as you need to become familiar with it in order to place the chips correctly on the table so that the dealer is aware of the betting event.

The Jail Bet Rule

Let’s start by pointing out that bets on French Roulette Zero are paid as on all other numbers.

However, when playing French Roulette, there is another rule to follow. In case the ball lands on zero, it is impossible to know whether the « Pass/Miss » or « Even/Odd » bet is a winner or a loser. In this case, the dealer will be obliged to give the player two choices.

The latter may immediately take back half of his bet. He can also place his bet in jail. Then he must draw the bile again and the new number will be considered in the result. If the player’s initial bet is successful, the entire bet will be refunded, otherwise the participant will lose his money for good.

The French roulette strategy that we recommend for this kind of case is to avoid the « prison bet« , which increases the casino’s advantage, and to choose instead the option of paying back half of your investment.

Smart betting on the variant: efficient betting in French roulette casino
It turns out that French roulette is very interesting because it offers users various actions and Paris. Among the most profitable bets in French roulette, you will find bets on the so-called final numbers namely (0, 10, 20 and 30) and also the orphan numbers namely (1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31 and finally 34).

All betting, cross betting or horse betting is also very profitable. The payout they pay the player is 11 to 35 times the amount of their initial bet. Warning: it is not recommended for French roulette to play the numbers of the dozen. This approach requires a minimum of knowledge and sufficient experience if you want to take advantage of it.

A brief comparison between American and French roulette

French roulette offers different financial opportunities than its American neighbours, as it does not have a double zero box. But will the benefits of French roulette be less important?

The answer is yes! Indeed, always keep in mind that the only advantage of American roulette over French or European roulette shows a difference of 5.26% … This difference will always have an effect when you play the game!

Other types of roulette

  • English roulette is the same as French roulette, but the mode of operation is different (a limited number of players, the colour of the chips allocated to each player, an independent dealer provides animation effects for the game table).
  • American roulette, unlike the other two roulette wheels, has a different number allocation and has an additional number: double zero. Please note that in Germany, the term « American roulette » refers to the English variant.
  • The Mexican roulette wheel is a replica of the American roulette wheel, but with a triple zero as a supplement.
  • German roulette combines the characteristics of French and English roulette: the chips have a face value, but each player can ask to distinguish between them (Fashion chips: peas, etc.), and a dealer can keep the table alive. Given that these three games have the same payout ratio for the chances of winning, it is clear that Mexican roulette is the worst roulette for players.

Our advice: choose your game carefully according to the maximum roulette bet applied to it

For players who wish to participate in roulette games, it is important to choose their own machine or living space according to the restrictions on the table.

With the maximum bet in casino roulette too low, you will be frustrated if you like to bet more. Imagine that the upper limit of each bet is 5 cents: even if you win the game, it is difficult for you to win the jackpot .

Conversely, a minimum bet that is too high will force you to play beyond your abilities, so you may spend more than you want.


Before starting the game, remember to respect the restrictions to make sure the experience meets your expectations!

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