English roulette: Discover the thrill of an emblematic game

English roulette is a variant of French roulette, which was invented in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal. It uses the same wheel with 37 pockets numbered from 0 to 36 and a similar ball. The difference lies in the number of players, limited to 7, and in the layout, combinations and winnings remaining the same. In addition, no one will be put « in jail » if the 0 arrives on « even » bets (Red, Black, Even, Odd, Low, High); the player simply loses half of the bet amount. Finally, each player plays with special coloured chips that can only be used at the table, where they are purchased from the Dealer.

The game is played in the same way. It is up to you to guess the number and colour where the ball will stop. To play, you must take a seat around the table. The game is punctuated by the Croupier’s announcements. « Place your bets » to mark the start of betting and « No more bets » to announce the end of betting when the ball is still spinning in the wheel. When it stops, the winning number and colour is revealed. The Dealer sweeps out the losing bets and distributes the winnings to the winners.


Domestic bets have higher payouts but longer odds. You place your chips :

  • Straight-up: on a single number. Winnings are 35 x the bet.
  • Split: on 2 numbers. Winnings are 17 times the bet.
  • Top line: on the 1st vertical line, covering 3 numbers. winnings = 11 times the bet.
  • Corner: on 4 numbers that meet in a corner. winnings = 8 times the bet.
  • Six line: on 6 consecutive numbers that form 2 horizontal lines of 3 numbers. win = 5 times the bet.

Outside bets are easier to win because they have more numbers. However, the winnings are lower.

Other bets :

Tens or on the line between 2 tens when 24 numbers are played. Winnings are double the bet for the dozen and ½ the bet for split dozens, i.e. 24 numbers played.

Column, at the bottom of one of the three vertical columns, i.e. 12 numbers, or on the line between 2 columns when 24 numbers are played. Winnings are double the bet for the column and ½ the bet for the split columns, i.e. 24 numbers played.


Watch out! The rules here are different from those of French roulette: When 0 arrives, even money bets lose half their value. The player concerned gets back only half of his bet.

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