The double up at the roulette wheel

The double up roulette strategy is in the same principle as the martingale! For many players, double up is a way to limit losses and even make a profit while having lost several rounds in a row previously.
The goal is to double your bet on each winning round to ensure that you get your bet back if you win. This technique works by betting on a colour or any other bets that bring in €2 for every €1 bet.

Double-up: a martingale of roulette games?

Indeed, in many games of chance where it is possible to bet on a 50/50 outcome such as roulette or blackjack, the martingale is a strategy that is often used. On specialised forums, it is appreciated by professional players as well as streameurs.
Why is this? The method allows you to regain a profit balance even after several defeats in a row or to aim for the jackpot!
This method is accessible to players with a large bankroll!

Basic principles: When to use the Double-up technique?

We would like to remind you that this strategy should be adopted first if you have a bankroll with a lot of cash. In any case, you can use it with a bankroll of 10€ but with a low starting bet (5 cents).
To use it, you must first be aware of the risks of losing your entire bankroll in a few minutes in the event of a losing streak. Each time you win your bet, double it, if you win again, double your bet and so on… When you lose, start betting your original bet again.

Is it risky?

Like all games of chance, there is a risk of losing your entire bankroll. It is important to know to stop following the principles exactly.
Stop doubling your bet when you lose and stop when your bankroll no longer allows you to use this method.
In fact, prefer European roulette, as American roulette has a double zero that distorts the odds to your disadvantage.

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