Maestro: A convenient means of payment

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Maestro is one of today’s most renowned card processing services, specialising in debit card payments. It emerged as a subsidiary of the highly reputable MasterCard credit card company in the early 1990s.

Maestro serves as a link between bank account holders and the respective locations where they can pay with their own money. From cash withdrawals at ATMs, through points of sale where goods and services can be purchased with the card, to online shops, the potential applications of a Maestro card have reached admirable proportions. 

Using Maestro as a payment method in online casinos is as easy as using it on any e-commerce platform. Considering that people have become accustomed to paying with their Maestro debit card since the advent of the Internet, there is little problem in this regard. Nevertheless, since it is only a deposit and not a direct payment for a good or service, it is convenient to get an idea of the steps required to complete this process.


Maestro Deposits at Casino Sites

Step 1: Players wishing to use their Maestro debit card to fund their online casino activities must first choose from the wide range of platforms. Over the years, the company has managed to accumulate a considerable number of customers using its payment processing services. Players should therefore have no trouble finding a suitable destination to enjoy their favourite form of online entertainment.


Step 2: Go to the chosen casino site and select Maestro from the list of processing service names. Clicking on it will open an additional window where you need to enter your debit card information. In most cases, this information includes the account number, PIN code, CVV2 code on the back of the card, and your first and last name. From time to time, some players may need to enter their billing address and the expiry date of their plastic Maestro card.


Step 3: Once players have entered all of their identification information into the deposit form, the casino will ask them to determine the exact amount they wish to deposit in cash. This amount is usually deposited in the box provided and must match the amount you already have on your debit card in order for the transaction to be accepted. Unlike other debit card processing companies, or credit cards in general, Maestro does not allow its users to pay with money they do not have, i.e. no credit line is added to the respective bank account and debit card.

Step 4: Deposits to online casinos via Maestro are virtually instantaneous, so there is no additional verification process or waiting time. Once players confirm the transaction, it is executed immediately, which changes your player account and debit card balances. Immediately afterwards, players can continue to enjoy the full selection of casino games on the Maestro platform of their choice.

Maestro withdrawals on online casino sites

Step 1: When winning a cash prize on their favourite Maestro Casino platform, players normally wish to cash out their prizes. To do this, they go to the « Cashier » section of the casino webpage once again, selecting only withdrawals before choosing Maestro.


Step 2: The same information used to deposit money into your bank account is required here for cash withdrawals. It is also necessary to specify the exact amount you wish to withdraw from your player account, so that players can make sure they have the amount in their casino account before requesting the withdrawal.


Step 3: Processing Maestro withdrawals can take some time, mainly due to their security procedures and necessary checks. Once all the information you have entered has been verified, you will notice a change in your debit card balance, as well as in your online casino account.


Advantages of using Maestro as a payment method in online casinos

  • A wide range of casino websites – It is essential to have enough options to dedicate your online casino game to the right destination.
  • Reliable and secure transactions – Transactions are fair and secure, as both the payment processing service and the relevant online casino platform use multiple code and password protection, as well as high level encryption.
  • Fast payment processing – As mentioned above, deposit transactions are processed instantly, with funds being momentarily credited to online casino players’ accounts.
  • Familiarity with the service – The fact that players wishing to use Maestro on their respective platforms tend to become familiar with the service beforehand makes the whole process much easier.
  • No risk of debt – The Maestro debit card, and a sub-type known as a prepaid card, only works with the funds you actually have. This means that the money you hold in the bank account linked to the debit card is a limited resource, and players cannot deposit more than that into their online gambling accounts.
  • Low or no fees – Maestro, as a debit card processing company, tends to avoid fees as much as possible, in order to maximize the user experience.
    International network of banks, ATMs and availability of online platforms – Online casino players often face inconvenience due to the limited availability of many payment processing options. While some are limited by jurisdictions, others are limited by accessibility, etc. 

Disadvantages of using maestro on gambling platforms


  • Risk of Fraud or Intrusion – Despite massive security measures and encryption protocols, online casino businesses are still subject to all kinds of attempts to defraud or intrude on player accounts and to swindle.
  • Personal Information Required – Even if you feel informed and properly equipped to fight any attempt at scamming, you are still required to provide personal information. This information alone can be used for a variety of purposes, such as identity theft, misuse of funds and others.
  • Per Transaction Fee – Although Maestro does not charge general service to its debit cardholders or only charges per minute fees, the per transaction policy is different. While the company itself does not charge a significant fee for each deposit or withdrawal, the respective banking institutions or even the casino operators involved in the process may well make it an expensive affair.
  • Maestro is getting old – A long track record means reliability and proven quality, but also less contemporary service. Maestro grew out of the huge MasterCard credit card company in the early 1990s. With more than two decades of experience in online payment processing, it began to lose ground to more modern services such as electronic wallets and prepaid card companies.