Many tips to win at pai gow poker

Pai gow Poker was born in the 1980s by two California casino executives. It sounds crazy, but it is an influx of Asian players asking to play domino games in American casinos. Pai Gaw is an institution in China. It is a domino game from the youngest to the oldest. Fred Wold and Sam Torisian decided to marry Pai gow to a poker game in Texas in order to produce a mixed game more or less similar to both parents. Pai gow Poker arrived in this way and conquered gaming halls all over the world before entering the online casino.

This brings Pai gow Poker to the same level as Blackjack or Baccarat. This success is so dizzying that many harmful people will play it without really mastering the game. Not only is it complicated, but it also requires a certain amount of experience to avoid beginners’ mistakes due to a whim. Or tend to lose money. The attraction of Pai gow Poker is the opponent. You will play against the bank, i.e. you will challenge the online casino you have registered. But beware, in some casinos the bank is spinning, which means that the players will play the role of the dealer one by one. If there is one thing you absolutely must control, it is to split your hands.

Pai gow poker strategy: hands

The highest card must be placed among the five cards, this is the rule. Then put the highest card in your hand. This will allow you to beat the bank at least in the second hand.

A Pair: If you have a pair, place it on the side of the five cards, and be careful to slide the other two best cards into the two-card hands.

2 pairs :
=> If you are lucky, you can split a pair of A’s from another pair of A’s. In short, put one pair on each hand.
=> If you have a pair, start at the Jack position and split them into small pairs under the 6 cards.
=> If you have two pairs below 7 pairs, put them into five cards.
=> For other pairs, always separate them. If you have an Ace, put it in two cards and two pairs in five cards.

3 pairs: Your biggest pair must be placed in two cards, so logically the other two are in five cards.

Three of a Kind: Unless you have 3 Aces, make sure you place 3 of the 5’s. In this case, place a pair of Aces on all 5 cards and 1 Ace on all 2 cards.

Straight or flush :
Flush/Quint: Logically, you put it in five cards, because in the end, if you split it, it is no longer a straight. If there are six straight flush cards, the highest card is placed among the two cards.
Flush / Straight and Pair: The worst card must be placed in your 2-card deck.
Flush / Straight with two pairs: Follow the two pair rule.

Full house: If it is not a pair, split them. If you can get Anna Kournikova (As-King) from A, place her gently between the two cards.

The square :
Squares 2 to 6: Place them in five cards.
Square 7 to 10: Split, unless you have more than 10 cards in two cards. Jack to King Square: Divide by the square, unless your pair is greater than 10.

Straight flush :
A single straight flush: 5-card hand.
Two pairs over 10 with straight flush over 10: Split.
Two pairs with an ace and a straight flush: Good! In this case, we put two pairs in the 5-card hand and the ace in the other hand.

Straight Flush :
« Simple » Royal Flush Place it among your five cards.
Two pairs of Straight Flush Royal Flush: Note that the law of two pairs applies.
Put your hands between the two cards and keep the straight on the other side.

Advantages of this strategy in Pai Gow Poker

Not everyone believes in the way of playing house. But this is how computers play in online casinos. By studying these rules, you can predict its future trends. Although it is difficult to make a real profit in the casino with this strategy, you can always offset the odds, which means putting the house advantage in your pocket. As we have already explained, this method is not 100% reliable, but in many cases it will greatly increase your chances of winning.

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