Keno Winning Grid: Knowing what you’ve won

How to calculate keno lifetime earnings?

It is necessary to know that FDJ is at the origin of the very popular concept in the hexagon « winner for life« , which makes it possible to try its chance twice a day (once at night and once at midday) . The concept is easy to understand: you can choose up to 10 numbers and choose the amount of the bet (between 1 Euro and 10 Euro). Here there is no clown number, but a multiplier. If you agree to double your bet, the French Games Payment Centre will choose a multiplier between 2 and 10 to increase your winnings. With the exception of the winners, the reward report will not be distributed to other players. Check out our Revenue Table to understand everything:

tableau gain keno

The best online casinos for playing Keno 

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How do I understand the benefits of Keno that I will get when I win at an online casino?

On the Internet, you will find many different Keno games at many online casinos. Of course, everyone will apply a Keno-specific payout schedule. So how do I figure out how much each type of machine can give me? Don’t worry, the Keno earnings in each case are always specified by the game provider to ensure obvious transparency. To access it, you won’t have to go through a very complicated process.

All you have to do is enter the « Keno » section of the casino and select the game you want to play. In most cases, when you select numbers, the Keno paytable will fill a corner of the screen. You will be able to test different situations to determine the most profitable number for you. Finally, the operation of the game and the payout attributable to each winning Keno grid is always described in the machine conditions. To view them, you will usually find the « information » button in the form of an « i » or a question mark. Please take the time to read this data carefully to ensure a profitable gaming experience.

Is it more profitable to play Keno at the online casino?

You may not know it, but the casino always charges a fee for Keno games in order to make their operations profitable. However, if it makes sense, you may be surprised to find that the differences between the different institutions are often significant. Therefore, when companies calculate Keno bonuses, the Keno ratio will be affected by these changes and may therefore be less attractive in some casinos.

Therefore, it is important to find a casino operator to provide you with as many profitable keno calculations as possible. Unfortunately, finding this information online is not easy. To help you with this delicate task, we have done the work for you, so we rank the most greedy casinos in methodical reviews. You’ll also find new information on the bonuses you can receive, which will further increase your Keno revenue.

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