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Keno is one of the games of chance and is distinguished by its simplicity. In Keno one bets on numbers that one hopes they will win. Keno is played on sites but also in physical gaming centres such as casinos. Keno now has an impressive number of players all over the world. To give you a further idea of its success, Keno occupies the 4th position of the most widespread draw games at the FDJ (the French Games Federation) level. This popularity is understandable when you look at the accessibility of Keno rules and the amounts won. Learn even more about Keno throughout this article that we have devoted to this exciting game.

Origin and History of Keno

In order to fully grasp the history of Keno, we have to go far back in time. Specifically, we have to go back between the year -204 and the year -186 approximately in ancient China. This period coincides precisely with the reign of the Han. It was under their rule that Keno first appeared. It was the ruler Cheung Leung who created Keno.

Initially, the emperor had imagined the game in order to find an excellent source of funding for his military operations. Little by little, Keno was taken away from this initial objective and finally served other purposes such as education in general. Later in the 10th century, teenagers will go through Keno to master the alphabetical and literary rudiments in particular.

It was not until the 19th century that workers who immigrated from China to the USA to build the first railway infrastructure exported Keno to the American continent. In the beginning, playing Keno was essentially a question of choosing numbers followed by random drawing, a process which differs from what is done nowadays. By the way, the numbers were symbolized by signs called Qianziwen signs. The combinations consisted of 120 characters. Thus, to take away a part of Keno, one had to be able to completely imagine one of the eight small divisions.

It should be noted that due to the legislation on games of chance in the U.S.A., Keno will have another version, the Keno Race, in the first half of the 20th century, created by the Chinese bourgeoisie. In this version, the rules of Keno are similar to those of horse sports betting. An imaginary animal thus succeeds each number. This formula makes Keno immensely popular with the American public. However, it will take a few more years to see this new Keno legalized in some states.

What is Keno?

Nowadays, despite the fact that it shines with a little less prestige compared to the others, Keno remains particularly appreciated. In the French-speaking States, Keno is coupled with the lottery such as it was the subject of weekly draws by the Française des Jeux with a multitude of bettors in the 93’s. Today, with the strong digitalisation of activities, many forms of Keno are now available with the possibility of winning big online. What is sure, even with these casino sites, the principles of Keno are immutable.

The traditional form of Keno

Classic Keno is nothing else than Keno played in the usual gaming centres (casinos, bingo establishments). In order to be allowed to play this Keno, a set of conditions are required. For example, the balls are regulated. These balls with numbers must not be numerically less than 80. In Keno, they are placed in a jar that rotates and mixes them together. It should be noted that an automatic mechanism is provided for the supervisor to draw at random the 20 numbers that will give the right to winnings.

For his part, the Keno player must have a writing desk to mark the numbers as well as a suitable support (grid, game board). Keno equipment is therefore made up of multiple numbered boxes (up to 80) similar to the balls used in Keno. Don’t forget that the procedures are different from those of La Française des Jeux. By the way, Keno players are obliged to select between 2 and 10 numbers from among the 70 on the card and to make bets in the 1-5 euro range on the grid. The amount of the winnings reaches one million euros in each draw.

The form of Keno available on the following websites

Online casinos also offer Keno variations. Already in comparison to the classic version of Keno we mentioned earlier, it is normal that online Keno does not need all these facilities. By the way, on online casino sites, the Keno game benefits from more automation and more controls by the institutions in charge. As far as random draws are concerned, automatic random number providers are available. In Keno, this system guarantees performance under the aegis of luck and parity among all.

Similarly, fictitious supports (cards) appear to the player from the beginning. In order to choose the numbers to continue Keno, the online bettor will only have to make a few clicks from his machine. The second specificity of the Keno offered on the sites consists in the fact that they allow betting in various ways. Moreover, you have the possibility to take advantage of different bonuses, each one as attractive as the other, when you visit the online Keno platforms.

As you can see, Keno is an exciting and very accessible game. You don’t need to have a huge background or be an expert to take full advantage of the many opportunities Keno has to offer. So you don’t need to be a headstrong player to make money in Keno. Just apply our little tips to become untouchable in Keno or make a great start if you haven’t already.

FAQ : Keno

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    How do I play online Keno?

    To play the game of Keno online, several sites offer this game.

    Click here to find the best sites!

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    How do I play 20 numbers in Keno?

    Divide your 20 numbers into 4 groups, 5 in each group, and name them: A, B, C, D. The system is partially guaranteed to 6/10: i.e. if you have 10 correct numbers in your 20 numbers, make sure you have at least one grid with 6 correct numbers.

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    What are the chances of winning at keno?

    Key figures for Keno :
    Jackpot: 2 million chances. The combination of 9 numbers and 3 numbers will have a sixth chance to win the prize.
    Exception: If there is a combination of 8 numbers, the winning rate without numbers will be greater than 4 numbers.