Online casino: 15 best online casinos 


Wild sultan logo


Up to 500 €/$/£

Wagering x35
Min. deposit : 20€/£/$
Reactive customer service
Max bet : 5€/£/$


kassu logo


+300 free spins

Wagering x40
min deposit : 10€/£/$
Reactive customer service
Max bet : 5€/£/$


coral casino logo


For 10 €/£/$ deposit

Wagering x35
Min. deposit : 10€/£/$
Reactive customer service
Max bet : 5€/£/$


cookie casino logo


+120 free spins

Wager x40
Max bet : 5 €/$/£
Min. deposit : 10€/$/£
120 freespins


logo de banzai slots casino


No wagering 

No wagering
Max bet : 5€
Min deposit : 20€/£/$/
Reactive customer service


logo bitcasino

100 FS

No wagering 

No wagering
Max bet : 5€
Min deposit : 20€/£/$/btc
Reactive customer service


azur casino logo


Up to 500 €/£/$

Wagering x40
Max bet : 5€/$/£
Min deposit : 20€/£/$
Reactive customer service


stakes casino logo


200 freespins

Wagering x40
Max bet : 5€
Min. Deposit : 10€
Reactive customer service




Up to 1000 €/£/$

Wagering x30
Max bet : 5€/£/$
Min. deposit : 20€/$/£
Reactive customer service


Lucky luke logo


Up to 120€/£/$

Wagering x40
Max bet : 5 €/£/$
Min. deposit : 10 €/£/$
Reactive customer service


Logo du casino en ligne monte cryptos


For 30 €/£/$ deposit

Wagering x35
Max bet : 5€/£/$
Min. deposit : 30€/£/$
Reactive customer service


Euromoon casino logo


50 zero wager spins

No Wagering
Max bet : 5€/$/£
Dépôt min : 20 €/£/$
Reactive customer service


Crazyno logo


150 free spins

Wager x30
Max bet : 5€/$/£
Dépôt min : 10 €/£/$
Reactive customer service


Casino 777


For 20 €/$/£ deposit

No Wagering
Max bet : 5€/$/£
Dépôt min : 20 €/£/$
Reactive customer service


william hill logo


+50 free spins

Wager x35
min. deposit : 10£/$/€
Reactive customer service
Max bet : 5£/$/€

The first steps in the online casino

Before registering on any of the online casino provider portals, you need to know the basics. This means not only mastering the games of chance you are interested in, but also the framework conditions for registration, procedures, functions, profit distribution and payment options – as well as the dangers that exist when playing online. After all, you are on the Internet and not all providers are reputable.

A distinction is made between the following three technologies:

Browser-based online casino

The so-called browser-based or web-based online casino is the first option. All you need is a web browser (e.g. Edge, Firefox or Chrome). You can create an account on the online casino website and play at any time using all common browsers.

In most cases it is possible to install various additional programs for your browser in order to play complex games. These include Java and Flash, among others. However, installation is quick and easy and should not be a problem. In case of an emergency, you can contact support.

Thereafter, you can generally use the online casinos on the web via your mobile phone or tablet, provided you have a solid Internet connection. It is not necessary to create a new account at the same online casino for each device. Your own account can be used on most devices with an Internet connection, regardless of the platform.

Software-based online casino

In contrast to browser-based casinos, with the second variant, software-based online casinos, you first have to download an application which you then install on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). However, you no longer need an additional browser for this.

The software usually includes all the necessary functionality and is directly connected to the casino via the Internet. Unlike the browser-based casino, this option requires you to save the software and files locally on your own device. Although this means that loading times are significantly faster than via the web browser, it also increases the risk of unintentionally installing malware on your own device. This is particularly risky if you choose dubious or fake providers.

Playing in live casinos

In the third variant, we speak of so-called casinos with live dealers. In contrast to online or software-based casinos, the games here are run by real croupiers, whose moderation is broadcast via a live stream. As a player, you have the opportunity to interact via chat as well as your own interface, through which you can make your moves and decisions as usual – just like at a real table.

This variant results in the highest costs for the operator, which is why the offer is usually limited to the most popular games. You can also expect costs for you to be significantly higher than, for example, in a browser-based online casino, where there is no real dealer, but all gaming decisions are made automatically by the computer using random generators.


What do you need to consider when registering?

Put it directly on the computer and start playing, right? No. You have to wait a little bit, because it won’t be that fast. To be able to play in an online casino you have to meet certain requirements. After all, gambling can be risky, and legislators also play a major role in this respect.

Registering at an online casino

When creating an account, you will usually be asked for your personal details, which you will be asked to enter in a form. This includes name, address and other contact information. You may also be asked to provide your credit card information or additional proof that you are over the age of majority.

In addition, the casino must ensure that you also have the necessary financial resources if you wish to play with real money as a stake. This is where different payment options come into play, with which you can top up your account with credit. This balance is then available to you in the form of credits or tokens in the game.

Most casinos allow several of the following payment methods:

Credit cards
Pay Pal
Instant transfers
CE card

Playing with real money is not mandatory

It is important to mention that when you register, you are not automatically obliged to play for real money. Often there are different games that cannot be played with real money as a stake. However, you can only participate in games that involve real winnings if you also deposit money and play with real stakes. It doesn’t matter whether the winnings are small or large in the end.

Opening an account is usually free of charge. If you want to close your account later, you can launch it at any time. You can usually recognize reputable online casinos by the fact that the account can be closed easily and without obstacles or that the support will help you if you have any questions.

What games are there in an online casino?

Want to play poker? Or do you prefer Black Jack because that’s where the chances of winning are highest? Or maybe you prefer something completely different? In online casinos you will find a wide range of games of chance. These are usually also available in different versions with different rules and other extras. To keep track as a beginner, let’s take a look at the most popular games of chance and their basic rules.

The rules of the game of blackjack

Black Jack is the first game of chance that we want to examine more closely. Along with poker and roulette, it is probably the best known game of chance in the world.

The objective of blackjack could not be simpler in principle. You win if you reach a total of 21 points with the cards given to you by the dealer or if you get closer than all the other players by 21 points without going over. Well, it’s not that simple after all.

The process of a Blackjack game is as follows:
At the beginning of a game, each player places his bet. Once all players have done this, the dealer begins to deal the cards, with each player (including the dealer) receiving one card first, then another.

From this point on, players can ask the dealer for more cards one after the other as needed. You can request any number of cards as long as you do not exceed 21 points. Each player can decide for themselves if they wish to have another card or if they are satisfied with the points they have collected so far.

If a player gets more than 21 points, he automatically loses, regardless of the combination of cards.

The rules of roulette

In online roulette, you play on a virtual game table, where you can place your bets on a specially structured field with colours, quadrants and numbers, which also has an associated roulette wheel. As a player, you essentially have the possibility to bid on one or more numbers and colours. Then a ball is thrown into the roulette machine with 36 red and black numbers each and a green 0, also called zero, to determine the winning number.

The course of the game is quite simple. The first betting phase begins. All players involved are required to place their bets on the roulette table. The table is divided into coloured and numbered areas that correspond to the numbers and colours of the roulette machine.

Once the bets have been placed, the roulette machine is turned and the ball is thrown into it. As long as the wheel is spinning, it is possible for any player to place additional bets. However, there is a special announcement « Nothing works anymore », which means something like « Nothing works anymore », after which it is no longer possible to bet.

The wheel turns until the ball stops in one of the numbered compartments. This is the winning number. However, it is not only the number in which the ball is locked that wins.

In addition, there are a number of multiple winning chances, which are made up of the arrangement of the different numbers and colours of the quadrants on the game table. You can make the highest profit if you bet on the right number. This would be a 35:1 win for you. If you win, your bet will of course be returned to you, including the winnings.


The rules of the slot machine game

Slot machines are machines that are activated by means of a lever after a certain amount has been inserted. There are now three or more reels rotating on the screen, each with a different set of patterns.

Whether you have won or lost is determined by a predetermined list of winning combinations of the patterns, which must be displayed in a row when all the reels have stopped.

In an online casino, slot machines work on the same principle, only the reels are computer animation instead of real reels spinning in a circle in the machine.

There is an extremely diverse range of different slot machines in online casinos with different patterns, chances of winning and combinations.

Unlike other games of chance in online casinos, there is no tactical or strategic aspect with slot machines, as it is a purely random result with no possible influence, which is in sharp contrast to blackjack or poker.

What payments and bonuses can you expect in online casinos?

If you decide to play in the online casinos, you will be offered various bonuses on almost all portals, which you apparently get for free when you register.

The small print is of great importance here and especially with the various « bonuses » there are a few things to consider so that you will end up a winner.

Online casino bonuses

The online casino market is very competitive. At the same time, it will be difficult for any casino to stand out from the rest due to the variety of games, as slot machines are basically the same for everyone. Bonus accumulation systems help to attract new players and retain regular customers.

There are two main types of online casino bonuses: no-deposit and deposit bonuses. No-deposit bonuses are most often given to new players and encourage them to take a certain action.

Bonuses are issued directly for registering at an online casino, filling in contact information, confirming an e-mail or mobile phone number, agreeing to receive casino newsletters, etc. No-deposit bonuses allow you to start playing without depositing your own money, so they are very attractive to players.

Deposit bonuses are intended to encourage the player to make a payment, i.e. to make a deposit. Among them – the welcome bonus – a bonus credited on your first deposit.

In order to encourage the player to make a deposit, various marketing strategies are used, for example, the accumulation of a certain number of free spins based on the amount deposited, the crediting of additional funds to the account, promotions and special offers for playing a particular game.

Almost all bonus offers in online casinos have one problem: they are linked to various requirements. Therefore, you cannot simply get paid directly for the offered starting credit of 50 euros for example when you register at an online casino. In fact, the bonus is often limited by requirements or can only be used to a limited extent.

Limitations can be :

  • Use of bonuses only for low-risk bets
  • Payment of the bonus amount after a certain wagering amount has been wagered
  • Use of the bonus limited to certain games
  • Reduced profit distributions when using bonuses
  • Free tours can only be redeemed under certain profit restrictions.

Payment and taxation of the casinotier’s earnings

Good online casinos usually pay out their winnings after a maximum of one to three days. In some cases and depending on the options available, some online casinos also have winnings available on the same day, but this does not necessarily indicate whether an online casino is good or bad. It also depends, of course, on the withdrawal options you have specified.

A similar range of payment options are generally accepted as with deposit options and online casinos usually transfer winnings to you in the same way as you pay for the casino yourself, for example via :

  • Credit Card
  • Pay Pal
  • Debit card
  • Transfer

As far as possible taxation of your winnings is concerned, there is some very good news: gambling winnings are currently not defined as taxable income by the tax authorities and are therefore tax-exempt. As a casual gambler, you can keep your winnings in full.

Easy user experience

The big advantage is the ease of use. Nobody wants to waste time searching for their favourite casino game or waiting for a page to load. Time passes when casinos with poor design and user experience succeed.

Usually, the more casinos there are, the better the site. This is true in most cases, but as with everything else, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Over the past two years, a new generation of online casinos has emerged. Online casinos that use user experience and design as a weapon and take this into account when developing their product. These casinos are not yet very big, but they will be. Because innovation has always prevailed and the customer will always like what is done with their wishes in mind.

Play on your smartphone or tablet

Currently, no business is complete without modern gadgets. Online casinos are no exception. All major virtual casinos have released mobile versions and applications for Android and iOS. Mobile casino is a great opportunity to play anywhere and anytime on your smartphone or tablet.

The advantages of mobile casinos are obvious for those who have to travel frequently or make business trips. Slot machines can brighten up long hours of travel. You can have time to play slots even on the way to and from work. Mobile casinos don’t need high-speed Internet or huge amounts of RAM to operate effectively. Even if you’re at home, you don’t have to get up from the couch and turn on your computer to start playing. In order to play in an online casino on a smartphone or tablet, you need to take into account certain technical features. Your device must have at least 512 MB of RAM (for the simplest casinos on the graphical user interface), and preferably 1 GB or more.

How does the technology work and what is good customer service?

Wherever there are games of chance, there are of course also attempts at fraud, and you are particularly poorly protected from this on the Internet. But what do you need to consider to be able to gamble in online casinos without any worries, and how can you protect yourself against fraud? After all, an online casino is a computer with random numbers and not a human dealer who deals cards and runs the roulette. So there are a few tips that you absolutely must follow.

Virtual randomness explained

The results of the game are determined in the casino using a so-called random generator. Despite the name, the results are calculated using various mathematical formulas and algorithms, instead of being calculated by chance.

The background is that, in reality, computers cannot generate pure coincidence. Nevertheless, don’t worry, because the algorithm guarantees fairness and unpredictability in reputable online casinos. However, you can’t know exactly how an online casino’s random number generator works. A casino will not only reveal the exact calculation. Of course, this also has to do with the fact that one does not want to offer a target for possible abuse.

However, it also means that as a user and customer you must have a high level of trust.

In a reputable online casino, random number generators determine the outcome of the game for the player and the casino itself.

Independent checks are carried out at approved suppliers, which can be used to check whether an online casino is playing with fair software or modifying the profit margins to its own advantage.

However, you do not have this security with foreign or illegal suppliers.

Financial and general protection

The prevention of abuse by the casino comes first, next to the control by the responsible authorities. But of course, there are other areas that need to be protected and guaranteed by online casinos.

Personal information is kept confidential.
Users’ financial information is thus protected against theft.
Deposits by credit card and other methods are encrypted.
Reliable payments are guaranteed.

Customer service as you might expect

One aspect that you will only appreciate in an online casino once you have used it is the customer service. After all, it is your money and, depending on the stakes you are playing with, a lot of it. A combination of an existing library of information and the option of direct contact with an employee is preferable.

High quality casinos offer you a variety of contact options:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Set of rules and feature descriptions

Good customer service will not keep you waiting long and will help you solve your problems as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction. So it doesn’t hurt if you read the reviews of some online casino portals in advance to see if they will take care of you in case of a problem.

What are the dangers and risks of gambling?

As with any addiction, gambling addiction is a disease. If the happiness hormone in the brain stimulates the human reward system too much when winning, then the desire to win increases over time so that you can experience feelings of happiness. After all, you want to feel this feeling more often and more strongly. The result is a rapid downward spiral that is difficult to stop. Protect yourself so that you can play responsibly in the online casino with a clear conscience.

Playing responsibly

A responsible approach to gambling is a basic requirement for being able to really enjoy gambling in the long term, and in many cases the dangers are underestimated because everything seems so simple and uncomplicated.

Gambling addiction develops slowly, but recovery is usually only possible with psychological support and can only start when you realise that you have a problem. Many people do not manage to take this step.

You should be aware that several hundred thousand people in world suffer from gambling addiction. Regularly ask yourself a few simple questions about certain characteristics that could be signs of concern.

The characteristics of a gambling addiction

Here are some things to consider when determining if you have a gambling addiction:

  • Gambling is used to reduce stress and eliminate problems.
  • Gambling becomes the centre of life – family, work, education and fun are neglected.
  • It is necessary to gamble at higher and higher stakes in order to feel satisfaction.
  • You begin to lie to hide your own habit or unpleasant losses of money.
  • There have been unsuccessful attempts to stop or reduce gambling.
  • Illegal activity occurs in order to afford to gamble.

But when is it too much?

You have to answer this question yourself. As long as you do not gamble beyond your financial means or start gambling regularly and especially uncontrollably, you do not necessarily have to worry.

It’s like many things in life: too much of something is rarely healthy. Reputable casinos also provide information and warnings about potential addictive behaviour, although this seems a little strange and counterproductive if it comes from the online casino operator himself.

Read the terms and conditions and the fine print

Even if it is a challenge for you, as it is for almost all users on the Internet, to read the terms and conditions and the fine print when registering for a service on the Internet – and this includes registering at an online casino – it is strongly recommended that you do so when registering.

Find out if the provider is licensed in England or if it is not an online casino with a English headquarters.

But you should also be able to find other information often hidden in the terms and conditions, if available:

  • potential additional hidden costs
  • precise bonus rules
  • Withdrawal procedure
  • Privacy policy

FAQ : Online casino

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    Which are the best online casinos?

    To rank online casinos, we take into account the welcome bonus offered, the quality of customer service and the variety of games available.
    Here is our top 6:

    • Casino Cresus
    • Lucky8
    • Happy Hugo
    • Stakes
    • Banzai slots
    • Casino Azur
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    How to play at the online casino?

    Playing at the online casino is very simple:

    • Choose the casino you wish to register at by clicking here.
    • Press the « take advantage of the bonus » button and register.
    • Confirm your account by validating the email you received.
    • Drop in and play!
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    Why play online casino?

    This is why you should play at the live casino:

    • Opportunities to win the jackpot.
    • Many free games.
    • Experience something new.
    • Avoid boredom and win money at the same time.

    Check out the best online casinos by clicking here!