Bingo: bingo number

Bingo is a game of chance a bit like the lottery or Keno. There are many variations in the presentation of the game (boards and cards, balls in a revolving rack…) but the aim of the game remains the same. The aim is to mark the numbers on the cards on which they appear when they come out. The player wins when he manages to tick all the numbers on one of his cards and clicks or says « Bingo« .

Bingo often has an image of « senior » games. This was the case before the democratisation of online gambling on the Internet. Today, Bingo reaches all targets and appeals as much to the 25-45 age group as it does to older people.

The special feature and main attraction of Bingo is its user-friendliness. In the same Bingo room, several people can play at the same time and chat to recreate the special atmosphere of real Bingo meetings. It is also a very entertaining game where the winnings can be interesting!

Play a lot of cards!

The more cards you play, the better your chances of winning. On some occasions you will have the opportunity to buy more expensive bingo boxes to win even more attractive prizes. That said, it is better to buy a lot of low-cost boxes to increase your chances of winning than to buy a small handful of expensive boxes to drastically reduce your chances of winning. The more bingo boxes you have in your possession, the greater the chances of making a winning combination on one of them.

Granville’s strategy

The most common strategy employed by bingo players was conceptualized by Joseph Ensign Granville. Granville was a financial writer who published a set of investment strategies known as the ‘On Balance Volume’. His strategies are used by stock analysts to predict price movements.

What you may not know is that Granville, with the help of his mathematical skills, has determined that the odds of winning are higher if the numbers on the bingo card follow a symmetrical logic. He noticed that the numbers that came out of the draw almost always have a different unit number. He also found that there was a balance between low and high denomination numbers and between even and odd numbers. Based on these assumptions, Granville established a set of rules designed to increase your chances of winning. Make sure you have the following on your bingo card:


  • An identical number of low and high denomination numbers.
  • An identical number of even and odd numbers.
  • An identical number of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

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