Bingo Rules

Learn the rules of bingo! This very popular game of chance is played at gatherings with family, friends or great fans. The goal of Bingo is to be the first player to complete its entire numerical grid.

To play Bingo, you need :

  • Bingo grid composed of 15 numbers
  • Ball number from 1 to 90
  • Token to cover the card number

Start playing bingo :

First, each player will receive one or more bingo cards with 15 different numbers.
Designate a speaker to speak a random number from the abacus. If the number is on the player’s grid, cover it with a marker. The speaker continues to give out numbers until the first player has completed all the grids.

How do I win a bingo game?

You must be the first player to complete the bingo grid. Then the player must shout Bingo! If after checking, his grid has been validated, then he wins.

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