Get ready for an electrifying casino experience like you’ve never felt before with Lightning Roulette Live! Lightning Roulette brings the classic game of roulette to life with a zap of electricity in the heart of the casino.
Never played Lightning Roulette before? American or European Roulette has no more secrets for you? Then you will certainly enjoy this game with better advantages than normal roulette and you could be seconds away from a monumental victory.

What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is another live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. It is a mix of roulette with additional RNG gameplay. It is played on the standard European roulette wheel which has 37 pockets. These pockets include numbers 1 to 36 which are red and black plus « 0 » which is green.

The Lightning Roulette also features 5 random lucky numbers that improve players’ chances of winning huge cash prizes. These lucky numbers pay between 50x and 500x your bet.
There is no limit to the number of players that can participate in this game at one time.

Lightning Roulette Features

The Lightning Roulette Live Casino is packed with special features that set it apart from the crowd. For starters, the Art Deco style of the game is stunning and immediately transports you to a glamorous casino setting.

High quality sound and lighting create a unique gaming experience and you can even see the game from different camera angles. Choose from Immersive View, which closely follows the ball until it stops rolling, Classic View, which gives you a stunning view of the betting layout and the racetrack, and 3D View, which allows you to see the entire setup, including the virtual table behind the dealer and the studio itself.

The numbers on the screen will be struck by lightning to turn them into Lucky Numbers, and you’ll even hear the occasional rumble of thunder to really set the scene. Another great feature makes the most popular numbers on the screen shake, helping you see what other players are betting on. It’s a smart touch that’s especially useful for beginners.
There’s also a handy chat box feature that you can use to interact with the dealer and ask questions – you’re sure to have a great gaming experience!

How to Play Lightning Roulette

Now that you know how this exciting game works, let’s talk about how to play it – from choosing a casino to play at to cashing in your winnings.
Playing this game is as easy as pie, but there are still a few steps to follow.

Here’s how you play:

  • Choose a live casino that’s right for what you’re looking for.
  • Locate Lightning Roulette in the casino
  • Place your chips and bet
  • Wait for the dealer to pull the lever.
  • Cash in your winnings!

Lightning Roulette Odds

One of the main advantages of Lightning roulette is the chance to win a lot of money. For example, Evolution Gaming claims that the RTP with this game is 97.30%. In a way, this is a relatively high percentage return, which should indicate favorable odds.

However, there is more than we see with Lightning Roulette and we won’t beat around the bush. For example, one of the main drawbacks of Lightning roulette is the fact that it pays 29:1 for direct bets not multiplied. As you know, « standard » roulette offers a better odds of 35: 1.

Of course, multipliers can make a big difference in payouts. So, if your number is « hit » by x5, x100, x200, x300 or x500, the payout on your bet will skyrocket. For this reason, millions of casino enthusiasts are eager to play this game at the best online casinos. Above all, they hope that Lady Luck will look in their direction and that lightning will strike their particular number.

However, some players are more cautious than others, and they are not ready to jump on the bandwagon without careful preparation. In other words, some players try to use Lightning Roulette strategies to win the game.

How do I win at Lightning Roulette?

As with all forms of roulette, the results of each spin of Lightning Roulette are determined by luck. Therefore, luck is the most important factor in the game, and you should always keep that in mind. No one can guarantee that a certain system will make you a millionaire, so try to stay away from such scams and frauds.

For example, popular systems such as La Boucher, Martingale or Fibonacci will not work with Lightning Roulette. Why not? Well, the reason is simple, and it comes from the fact that Lightning Roulette does not offer a multiplier on equal money bets. All of these betting strategies require even money bets, such as doubling after a win to cover losses.

To be honest, some betting systems are less risky than others and the effects on your bankroll may not be dramatic at first. But in the long run you will end up with nothing. Luckily, there is a way to extend the gambling session and improve your chances of winning at a Lightning roulette table.

Best Lightning Roulette Strategy

What you can do is place bets on all numbers. Suppose you make a €10 bet on all 37 numbers, which will cost you €10 x 37 = €370. The minimum payout you will win is €10 x 30 = €300 because the multiplier for a single bet is 30x. This means that you will lose €70 on each bet.
You can then continue to place until you hit a lucky number. Let’s say you land on a 500x multiplier, you will then win €10 x 500 = €5,000. As long as you reach that lucky number in all 70 bets, you will make a profit (€70 loss on each bet, you don’t hit the lucky number / €5,000).

The problem with this strategy is that you can’t predict when and how often the multipliers will appear. You can try to use the statistics displayed and place your bets based on the results of previous rounds. But this doesn’t solve the problem because online roulette is a game of chance and the outcome is random. You cannot predict future results based on previous spins.
Lucky numbers and lucky payouts
When playing Lightning Roulette, players will have the same range of betting options as in the standard live version of European Roulette.

However, the game offers additional opportunities to claim prizes through Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. These options are randomly generated and offer players the opportunity to win between 50 and 500 times their wager!

Once all bets have been placed, the game will randomly generate not only the number of lucky numbers, which can range from one to five, but also the lucky numbers themselves and the amounts awarded by Lucky Payouts.

Landing the ball on one of the lucky numbers will result in a lucky payout of up to 500 times the wager. Of course, this can only happen if the player has placed a Straight-Up bet on that number.

Straight-Up bets that are not multiplied will not go that high, but they can still reach the amount of 30 times the bet. Other bets, including Splits, Red/Black, Tens and Corners, award the same winnings as the standard Roulette game.


Lightning Roulette is available to play on your mobile device if you prefer. You simply need to make sure that you have updated your internet browser and that your screen is capable of handling live streaming.

Benefits of Lightning Roulette

A high-risk/high-reward style of play is encouraged. Hitting the lucky numbers with a direct bet will allow you to receive higher payouts. During Lightning Roulette, you will be able to win up to x500 your bet, although this event can be considered quite rare.
Lightning Roulette adds an exciting new element to the game. For this reason, I think it might be more enjoyable to play this type of game, even if only for the thrill.
If you get bored with ordinary roulette, Lightning Roulette can be a good change of pace.
The design and animations of Lightning Roulette are very exciting – you feel like you’re on a TV show!
The overall interface configuration – especially on cell phones – is simply excellent.