In an online casino, roulette is one of the most popular games played by players. It is a game based on chance, but the player can increase his chances of winning significantly by taking into account certain important points. So how do you win at roulette? We take stock!

Choose a winning roulette wheel!

Before knowing how to win at roulette, it is important to choose the right wheel to put all the odds in your favour.

For European roulette, it is important to know that all games offer the same chances of winning. There is no difference between the different variants.

Furthermore, the table limits are the most important point to take into account. If you are new to online casino games, it is strongly recommended to start with the smallest limits. This is an element not to be neglected!

Strategies to adopt to win at roulette

To win at roulette, there are certain strategies to follow:

The Laboucherre method
It is the most popular technique, since it is based on sound mathematical theory and therefore carries little risk.

The Fibonacci method
This is, without doubt, the most prudent method. The player has to accumulate twice as many winning bets as losing bets to win with this system, as long as he can avoid a long series of losses.

Paroli’s method
For this strategy, the player uses positive progression. In other words, he increases his bets only when he wins.

Alembert’s method
This is one of the most well-known techniques among roulette players. You just have to know that the chances of winning are low. It is best to avoid it.

There is no such thing as a magic wand!

Beware! There is no clear and precise strategy for winning at roulette. No technique is therefore 100% guaranteed. Of course, the methods mentioned above put all the chances on your side to increase your winnings, but you should not forget that roulette is a game of chance.