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Rules – Learn all the secrets of the sic-bo and play with full knowledge of the rules.

The principle of the sic bo is in itself very simple: three dice are drawn and you will have to anticipate the results obtained.

However, the rules of sic bo can seem complicated because, looking at the board, players can be impressed by the variety of bets offered on these games. Between bets on the results of a particular die, two dice, on totals, on a double, on a triple… The possibilities are numerous.

Don’t worry though, once you understand how the stack is structured and what ratio is applied to pay out your winnings, you’ll find it as simple as can be. In this article specifically dedicated to this, you will have access to all the betting details!

Strategies – Become the sic bo casino champion in no time and hit the jackpot.

In order to avoid running to your loss during your games, we offer you access to sic bo strategies that will pay you big money. Here is an overview of the basic techniques that will be taken into account to boost your chances of winning.

Maximize your chances of winning by selecting the right bets
You should start by carefully choosing the bets you will place. In general, even if the rules are fixed, you still have a 50 percent chance of winning. Therefore, it is best to set your totals as shown in Figure 4-10 or even 11-18. Betting at the right time is already anticipating your own win.

Evaluate the house advantage in Sic Bo correctly.
With a house edge between 2.78% and 18.98%, you’ll have to consider this if you want your bet to pay off in total. Beware, the most important thing is the sum of the 3 dice, and bets on the triple will run away.

Still, the house advantage encourages you to know how to take risks, or at least evaluate the risk. If you want to « win the jackpot », you have to bet on bets with more risk. Note that not all versions of the game give you the same chance of winning. The sic bo as practiced in Macau is the least interesting compared to the one in Atlantic City. The variant played « Australian style » remains the one with the least house advantage to your disadvantage.

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FAQ : Free sic bo

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    Why play sic bo for free?

    The sic bo has special rules that require a high level of game knowledge. That is why it is necessary to play it for several hours free of charge before starting a game with real bets.

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    What are the conditions for playing sic bo for free?

    There are no requirements, simply register at a casino that allows you to play for free.
    Check the list of casinos offering free sic bo play by clicking here.

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    What are the best online casino platforms for playing free sic bo?

    The list of the best online casinos to play sic bo: