Scratch games: Top 15+ free scratch games to play online

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Today, I’m going to show you the best free scratch games you will be able to play online in 2020.

However, you can ask :

But why should I prefer online scratch cards to physical cards?
I will tell you:

  • Online scratch cards are environmentally friendly: they don’t waste paper.
  • They are more versatile when it comes to betting: bets can start as low as 0.01 Euro.
  • You’ll have more fun with online scratch cards thanks to the amazing graphics and music.
  • If you have never played scratch cards online before, you can start with the free versions.

Fortunately, each game in this list has a demo mode.

In other words, play as much as you want without spending a single cent. All you have to do is create a new account.


The best free scratch cards in 2020

Below you can see my best choices as this year’s best scratch card games.
Read the reviews, discover the jackpots and play for fun.

Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal is one of the most fun free scratch cards I’ve ever played, and here’s why. This modern game has everything you need for a relaxing gaming session: nice music, nice graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

You may not even believe that it’s a simple scratch card game – Diamond Deal is that good.

To play it, you first need to set your bet, which ranges from 0.50 Euro to 10 Euro.

Then the game gives you a field of blue cells. You have to choose them one by one, revealing the symbol underneath.
Your goal is to find as many diamonds as possible – and not to waste your four lives.
The more diamonds you choose, the more you win. However, if the cell is empty, you lose one life.

If you manage to find 10 diamonds in a row, you hit the jackpot.

Title: Diamond deal
Minimum stake: 0.50
Maximum bet: 10
Jackpot: $98,300 


Volcano is a simple but charming scratch card game.

It reminds me of the classic scratch cards I used to buy at the local supermarket.
So here, all you have to do is collect three matching symbols – which are really pretty.
Frogs, butterflies, parrots – this game is full of bright colors.

The betting part is also very cool.

That’s because you can bet as little as 0.01 Euro per session, whether you play for free or real money.

Title : Volcano
Minimum bet: 01
Maximum bet: 5
Jackpot: $5,000 

Epic Gems

Epic Gems is a scratch card game that reminds me a bit of a slot machine – thanks to the scattered crystals that look like reels.
However, these gems don’t spin – quite the contrary.

Here, you have to do all the work by picking up the gems.
But beware, there are mines hiding under the gems. The game is over for you if you reveal even one mine.

Fortunately, the chances of hitting a mine are not that high, because there are only four mines and 36 lucky gems.

Fun fact: You double your bet when you collect seven gems.

Title: Epic Gems
Minimum bet: 50
Maximum bet: 100
Jackpot: $100,000 

Red Card

Can’t decide between sports betting and casino games?

In that case, Red Card may be the scratch card for you.
You see, this football-themed game is as much fun as any other betting title.

Why is that?

Because in this game, there are 49 choices you can make.
So here’s how it works:

Under the 49 footballs, there are 43 winning trophies and six red cards.

As soon as you reveal a red card, the game is over for you.

Luckily, each trophy increases your win – and you can cash out whenever you want.

Title: Red Card
Minimum bet :. 0,50
Maximum bet: 20
Jackpot : 80 000 

Foxin’ Wins

you read it right: the NextGen Foxin’ Wins franchise now has a free scratch card game.

And it’s very easy to play.

Just set your bet (from 0.01 to 100 Euro) and click on the « Play » button.
You win if you collect at least three matching symbols.

However, that’s not all there is at Foxin’ Wins.

Title : Foxin’ Wins
Minimum bet: 0.01
Maximum bet: 100
Jackpot: $100,000 


Those who like to play scratch cards should definitely try Pandamania.

Of course, it is a very simple game, but it is also fast and versatile when it comes to betting options.
In addition, there is an interesting bonus for the luckiest players:

Those who collect three Pandamania symbols get a Donut Bonus.

Here you have to collect at least three donuts for a special prize.

Title : Pandamania
Minimum bet: 01
Maximum bet: 5
Jackpot: $5,000 

Pixies of the Forest

You may have heard of the Forest Pixies, a slot machine that you can find in almost any land-based casino.
There is now a scratch card of the same name, and you can play it for free in an online casino.

And here is the principle of the game.

You get three winning numbers and a grid of 12 numbers. You win when you find at least one lucky number on the grid.

Also note that Pixies of the Forest does not have a paytable. The game determines your winnings at random.

Fun fact: if you reveal an elf by scratching the card, you get all 12 prizes.

Title : Pixies of the Forest
Minimum bet: 50
Max bet: 10
Jackpot: $250,000

Boss Lotto

Boss Lotto looks like a Bingo game at first glance.

However, it is a free scratch card game based on the same principle as red cards and epic gemstones. The more lucky symbols you choose, the more you win.

Here you get 49 lottery balls – 43 of which hide a book symbol. These are the ones you should hope to choose.

The other six are the bad ones, because they will stop the game instantly.

Title : Boss Lotto
Minimum bet: 50 Euro
Maximum bet: 20
Jackpot : 80 000 

The Voice

The Voice is as unique as a scratch card game can be. Inspired by a popular TV show, it will make you forget you’re playing a simple casino game.

Why is it so unique?

Well, let’s take a look at its gameplay.

For starters, you have six chairs – and seven towers.
Each time you click on the « Play » button, a random chair releases a note, which lights up the column of the chair.

You win when the column of a chair is fully lit or when a chair reveals an instant prize.

Title: The Voice
Minimum bet: 50 Euro
Max bet: 10
Jackpot: $250,000 

Breaking Bad

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, you might be tempted to try the free version of the scratch card of the same name.

And here’s how this casino game works:

When you set your bet (from 0.50 Euro to 10 Euro), you get a card with two sets of numbers.
Those on the left are the winning numbers. Match at least one of them with the numbers on the other grid.

The jackpot of the game is 250,000 Euro – which is only possible if you bet the maximum of 10 Euro per card.

Title : Breaking Bad
Minimum bet: 50 Euro
Max bet: 10
Jackpot: $250,000 

Texas Hold’Em: Champion Edition

Texas Hold’Em is one of the most interesting scratch card games online.

It combines the complexity of Texas Hold’Em Poker with the simplicity of a scratch card, and the result is exceptional.

Let’s see how this game works.

To start playing, you must first make your bet, which ranges from 0.50 to 10 Euro.

Then you get seven sets of hands with different prizes.
You must click on the  »Reveal All » button to see if you have any winning combinations made with the common cards.

If at least one of your hands beats the champion’s hand, you win.

Title: Texas Hold ‘Em
Minimum bet: 50 Euro
Max bet: 10
Jackpot: $200,000 


Ghostbusters is an online scratch card that looks more like a video game.

In addition, a wager on Ghostbusters allows you to purchase not one, but two cards. Here’s how:

Before you play, you must choose your zone. A street, a living room, a dining room – the choice is yours.

Then you get a 3×3 grid with nine squares. You have to select five to reveal the ghosts hiding in the area.
When you’ve finished the first zone, you can choose the second one, with a brand new grid and five possibilities to select a cell.

To win, you must collect two, three, or four matching ghosts.

However, the best ghost in this game is « Slimer », as a single image of this green creature can instantly win up to five times your bet.

Title: Ghostbusters
Minimum bet: 50 Euro
Max bet: 10
Jackpot; $150,000 

Da Vinci Diamonds

You may have already read our review of the Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine – but did you know that there is also a scratch version?

Developed by IGT, this instant game allows you to bet between 0.50 and 10 Euro and gives you the chance to win up to 250,000 Euro per card.

To play, simply place your bet and scratch the image of the Mona Lisa in the hope of revealing three identical gems vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Title: Da Vinci Diamonds
Minimum bet: 50 Euro
Max bet: 10
Jackpot: $250,000 

The Codfather

The Codfather is one of the most ridiculous scratch card games you’ve ever seen – thanks to its horrible wordplay and scary pictures.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun game that can be played for free and for real money.

That’s because it offers a nice bonus to spice up your game.

You see, when you collect three logo symbols, you get five free games with doubled prizes – and who wouldn’t want that?

Title : The Codfather
Minimum bet: 0.01
Maximum bet: 100
Jackpot: $100,000
Call of the Colosseum

Call of the Colosseum is an instant win game for those who love classic scratch cards.

Play it for free or with a casino bonus if you love the games of Las Vegas and the world of ancient Rome.

Title : Call of the Colosseum
Minimum bet: 01 Euro
Maximum bet: 5
Jackpot: $5,000

Emperor’s Garden

If you liked our list of the best Asian slots online, then Emperor’s Garden Scratch is for you.

Beautiful pictures, catchy winning music and a jackpot of 250,000 Euro make this game worth playing.

Title: Emperor’s Garden
Minimum bet: 01 Euro
Max bet: 250
Jackpot: $250,000