The history of craps: From its creation to the present day

Did you know that? Five Craps Facts

Craps is the world’s most popular dice game and is played in virtually all land-based and online casinos. This game of pure luck is very popular among players because it has a small home advantage and even beginners can win, if they are lucky.

In this article we share five interesting and unusual facts about the game of craps.

Fact 1: You can trace the history of craps back to medieval times.

The original craps was a game called Hazard, with records dating back to the Crusades! This game continued to evolve through history and eventually made its way to America via French and British immigrants who brought craps with them.

The name craps derives from the French Crapaud, which is probably a reference to players squatting dice in the streets when craps tables were not available.

The layout and design of the modern craps table that you see in a casino or online is a recent invention of a dice maker called John H. Winn, who also created the betting styles used today and contributed to the rise in popularity of craps during the 20th century.


Fact 2: It takes four people to run a craps table properly.

Craps tables are usually the centre of activity in the casino, with lots of people buzzing around, some playing and others just enjoying the show. Craps tables are also unique in that they require more dealers to run them, which is why you will probably find fewer craps tables in a casino compared to other table games!

In fact, there are usually four casino employees standing around a craps table. There is the boxer who keeps track of the outcome of each roll and keeps an eye on the chips that pass, two dealers who place bets on the table and push the chips back and forth, and the stickman who gives the dice to the players and handles the proposal bets placed in the centre of the table.

Fact 3: The longest craps dice roll has lasted over 4 hours.

If you thought it was impossible, think again! New Jersey’s grandmother, Patricia Demauro, has beaten the odds of one in 1.56 trillion to roll a pair of dice 154 times in a row at the craps table.

While indulging in a night at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City with a friend, Demauro got tired of working the slot machines and decided to roll a few dice at the craps table. Four hours and 18 minutes later, she was still rolling the dice in flight, having apparently become immune to « septing out » in that time.

The exhausted grandmother made a lot of noise after a crowd of people formed around her to witness the miracle as she rolled every possible combination except a seven. When she finally bowed out, Demauro admitted to a lady standing next to her that she didn’t know how to play the game!

Fact 4: Scary number seven

Another incredible fact about craps is the large number of superstitions associated with the game, such as throwing a penny under the table or getting a queen to blow on the dice for good luck, probably more than any other casino table game.

Stranger still, many of these strange beliefs have something to do with the number seven, which is both the most loved and feared number in the game. Many players will refuse to mention the number seven by name, preferring to call it « that » or « the devil » when playing.

There is a greater statistical chance that a seven will be rolled than any other craps result, and people believe that seven will appear more frequently when there are more players betting on the line not to pass or when there are more of them. -called « bad » players around the table, meaning that they will lose when a seven is rolled in the come out rolls.

Fact 5: The biggest money records in the game

Like all casino games, craps has its share of stars who load up after a good night of dice shooting.

Archie Karas, an extraordinary gambler, entered the history books as the guy who managed to turn a $17 million fortune into $40 million over a period of several months by betting on craps in the mid-1990s, sometimes betting a hundred thousand dollars on a single reel.

One of the most daring bets ever placed on craps occurred in 1980, when William Lee Bergstrom bet $777,000 on the Don’t Pass line and won!


For a beginner, standing at the craps table can be a daunting experience. There are so many bets you can place and a whole new language to learn!

With free online craps and an abundance of tutorials and videos on the Internet, you can quickly grasp the basics of this fascinating game and learn the basic skills needed to succeed, such as the different odds of rolling certain numbers.

With real money craps betting online, as well as on mobile devices, you can put your skills to the test and maybe even win a nice reserve. This will help you sit at the highest stakes tables in a real casino with confidence.

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