Reasons why you should play at Casino War

Have you vaguely read our report on « Casino Wars« , but are still not convinced that it will replace your indoor blackjack or video poker? We’ve decided to give you 5 reasons why this card game is suitable for almost all casino players! You can dedicate yourself to Casino War without giving up your favourite games, and it will find its way into your list of favourite games!

Tired of blackjack, poker or slots?

Yes, but not sure, you’ll tell us. No problem, Casino War is a good choice that can change your mind and free you from all those restrictive rules. Sometimes you just have to leave to better find the game you like. Casino War can be used as a transition, and you’ll find that because of its simplicity, if you’re a regular craps fan, you can rest assured!

Battle a tough game?

Think again, nothing could be simpler than playing Casino War! Although the name sounds a bit wild, it hides a soft heart! The rules are simple, and when you sit down to play Casino War, you can decide! Indeed, the betting system is unlimited, which also makes your game unlimited! Casino War is a simple and fun card game, we can be sure that you played it when you were young!

We shout « battle »!

We all shouted when we were young. With our siblings, aunts or uncles, grandparents or even parents, who didn’t fight when we were young? What does this have to do with « Casino Wars »? It is completely the casino version of the famous fighting game! Some rules have changed because « Casino Wars » has been adapted from the American version of the battle, but the principle is the same!

Become a 100% Casino Wars winner!

The great advantage of Casino Wars is that it stops players who are looking for a big win. In this game, the high roller advantage is 2%, so in the long run, you have a chance to win! The bonus won’t be huge, but the competitors will let you open the door to increase the bonuses! The complete randomness of this card game serves you in many ways. When the stakes are not particularly high, you will not only feel an adrenaline rush, but if you want to have a good time here, the simplicity of its rules makes it a really reliable game and you will not only feel happy . Make money!

So, are you convinced? Start a game now at one of our partner casinos!

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