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Casino War is probably one of the first card games you would have played. Designed for a young generation, the rules of war are easy to understand and the game itself requires little preparation. A single deck of 52 cards is enough to play; all you need is two people and time to kill.

In a very different context, Casino War revisits this game but aims it squarely at the adult gaming market. Just like Blackjack, Casino War is played against the dealer. You face the dealer head up, which somehow increases the pressure of the situation. At this point you may be wondering what methods can I use to improve my chances of winning? Let’s see if we can help.

The complex case of optional implementation

As you know, in Casino War, you can place a side bet on the probability that you will encounter a tie with the dealer. This bet is actually very profitable and can pay odds of 10 to 1. Unfortunately, not everything that shines is gold and this is also the case with this type of « tie bet ». The house advantage for this type of bet is over 18.5% in most cases. The only other games where this level of advantage is present are games such as Sic Bo, Keno and some slot machines. If you are willing to take this level of risk then it is a good side bet, but be warned that under normal circumstances and as a general rule we would never advise betting on this.

Casino War Strategy and Advanced Tips

  • Avoid parallel betting

In addition to the original Ante bet, the game allows you to make an additional bet on a tie. At first, this bet looks pretty good, as it pays you 10:1, but it is worthless. Because the chances of a draw are simply too low. Casino war game requires six decks, the chances of winning for the player and the house are equal, from a mathematical point of view they both have 46.3% chance of winning. This leaves us with a 7.40% chance of a draw. Even worse: As soon as you make the parallel bet, the casino house advantage skyrockets to over 18.5%. This is simply too great a risk.

  • Do not surrender

In case of a tie, you have two options: surrender or go to war. And your chances of winning at Casino War are higher if you give up the idea of surrendering altogether. That’s because giving up a hand will result in a loss of half your bet. And if you surrender in the event of a tie, the house has a 3.7% advantage. When you go to war, that advantage drops dramatically to 2.8%. This means that if you hang on, you have a 50-50 chance of winning even if you have to make another bet equivalent to your first bet to continue.

  • Look for Aces

The Ace is Casino War’s highest denomination card. Casino War’s strategy here is to take into account the intervals at which the dealer offers Aces. If you haven’t seen an Ace in a while, it will appear soon, and once you get it, you are one win or a tie. Of course, you can never be sure when the Ace will appear. However, knowing that it will soon increase your advantage at the table. Therefore, the best strategy for Casino War is to be vigilant and pay close attention to the cards that have already shown up.

  • Place small bets

Like any other real money game, Casino War always puts the house at an advantage. Often, it’s about reducing your losses, but you will lose. Knowing this, as you climb on the adrenaline rush of waiting for the Ace, remember to never go over your budget – even if you have a feeling that the next hand will be your lucky one. And even if you win, you only win what you bet. That means there’s no advantage to betting big – there’s no jackpot or bonus to win. Therefore, one of the best strategies at Casino War is to always choose the minimum bet.

  • Know when to leave

Knowing that the house always has the upper hand, decide when to throw in the towel. Set a time when you will cash in your chips – while you still have money in your pockets. And when you arrive at the predetermined departure time, leave regardless of whether you’re in the dark or in the red. Also, play moderately – don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose.

  • Bet on a tie

Even with a 10 to 1 win, a bet on a tie is not worth your time. Try not to fall into this carefully laid trap. The idea should be to stick to normal play and minimize side bets. Betting on a tie gives the casino an advantage of 18.65%, literally the equivalent of betting on suicide. Statistically, it takes an average of 65 hands to win a tie bet. With this knowledge in mind, it makes more sense to play directly and reduce the casino advantage as much as possible.

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