Is the online casino playable worldwide?

The online casino is a real social phenomenon that affects the whole world. Thanks to the digitalization of households in rich countries as well as in emerging countries. Playing games of chance online has never been easier. The demand is growing, and we are responding by offering casinos for every english-speaking country that will satisfy your desire for fun

Does my country of residence authorize online casinos?

This is a question that often crosses the minds of players. Indeed, the gambling world is a young and growing environment, and the laws surrounding it vary from country to country.
For example, in France, the law prohibits the creation of an online casino by a French or foreign gambling operator. Therefore, there is no online casino gaming platform based in France. On the other hand, the law is less clear about the legality of accepting players residing in France in an online casino. In this situation of legal vagueness, it is believed that it is tolerated to register at an online casino as a French player.

Religion is taken into account

Obviously, some religions such as Islam or Judaism do not allow gambling with money, which is considered « perverse ». For its part, the Bible does not prohibit but warns against gambling. It is indeed a reality, gambling can have a negative influence on the gamblers and lead to immense losses of money for some and even more in some cases (debts, asocial, depression…).
This is why countries with a large community of Muslims or Jews may prohibit or limit access to online casinos on its territory. In this case, if you want to play there, you will need a VPN to trick google about your location! This way, you will be able to play without constraint.


Here is the situation of the online casino within each English-speaking country

  • Online Casino Belgium: No problem playing in online casinos. 
  • Online Casino Canada : No problem, casinos are allowed to offer their services to Canadian players.
  • Online Casino Luxembourg: Ditto, players can bet on slots etc. 
  • Online Casino Switzerland: Players can deposit and bet on their favorite games such as roulette without any problem.

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