Caribbean stud poker strategy

Unlike many other poker variants, « Caribbean Stud » is a game that lacks many aspects. It makes learning faster and easier.
In this way, the player will not have to face anyone but the dealer, which saves a lot of energy. At Caribbean Stud, the concept of bluffing does not exist. The player’s decision is limited, which encourages him to be frank. However, like many other casino games, Caribbean Stud Poker has an almost insurmountable difficulty: it is a casino advantage.

Typically, if you use conventional rules, the house advantage is 5.25% over all the players sitting at the table.
The player hides his hand. To qualify the dealer, the dealer must have an A, K or higher value. If he does, he will face it.
You can see a dealer’s card. The card will provide valuable information about his hand.
If your hand is a pair or combination of higher value, you must raise your bet, but feel free to place a hand below A-K.
Some strategies will even cause you to throw small pairs and A-Ks, which will only give you the best chances of winning.
Although this strategy is considered effective, you may find it useful to play in small pairs. Keep in mind that a very pushy style of play will greatly reduce your chances of winning.


AS and King as the driving force of the game

The first strategy you can use is to adjust the game according to the As-King combination.
This master can be particularly effective, and you need at least one pair to beat it.
Also, if you want to win prizes at Caribbean Stud Poker, you should only raise your bet if you are sure to win a qualifying hand.
What is a qualifying hand? Well, it’s a hand that can beat Ace-King, so it’s a pair.
Of course, this method has its limits: for example, you will lose many hands or even give up every step. The key is to be patient. Tell yourself that in the long run, if you agree not to play cards less than or equal to Ace-King, your chances will be better.

What to do with an AS-KING hand?

The Ace-King in question can still be complicated by itself, especially when you receive these two cards in turn! What should you do when this happens? Please note that with such cards, the chances of winning against the dealer will increase slightly. Even if the dealer also has As-King, you will be tied without losing or winning anything. If the first card the dealer turns over is not A or King, you are considered to be halfway there. Your chances of winning are even better! Finally, once you have such a high bet, you will have to play all the way to the end.

In some cases, several parameters may appear when playing A-K.

  • If the dealer’s visible card is A or K, then if you have a combination A-K-Q or A-K-J in your hand, please place a bet.
  • If the dealer’s visible card is between 2 and Q, and you also have one in your hand, place a bet. Dealer cannot have a pair.
  • If the dealer’s visible hand is a low hand, i.e. any hand between 2 and 5, and you have an AKQ combination in your hand, please raise, as you have a good chance of making the best hand so far, or beat the dealer’s hand if you do not qualify.

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