Caribbean stud poker rules

Presentation of the Caribbean stud

Caribbean Stud itself is a variation of poker. The game comes directly from the Caribbean and is traditionally played on Jet Set yachts, although the game is mainly played in land-based casinos in the United States. Caribbean Stud has also attracted the Internet, and players are likely to find it on the websites of the industry’s leading operators. It must be said that anyone can use this variant of poker as it is an easy game to master. Moreover, you don’t need to be a good tactician to try your luck at Caribbean Stud!

How the game works

Several players gathered around a table managed by the co-host. The co-host uses a 52-card deck and distributes it to all the players when the cards are dealt. In « Caribbean Stud », the players will not compete with each other. They take turns challenging the dealer.

  1. The player places a bet called Ante.
  2. The dealer deals the first five cards to the player.
  3. Four of them are placed face down on the table. The fifth card is face up. The dealer also deals five cards, four of which are placed face down and one face up.
  4. The player’s goal is to predict if his hand is higher than the dealer’s.
  5. The player’s goal is to predict if his hand is higher than the dealer’s.
  6. Players can choose to double the bet, call or fold as the game continues. 
  7. If the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s hand, the dealer wins the round.
  8. If the dealer’s bet is the highest, the player will lose all bets.
  9. In case of a tie, the player’s previous bet will be refunded.

Hand odds in Caribbean Stud

  • Unskilled: 43.64%
  • Ace + King: 6.44%
  • One pair: 42.26%
  • A double pair: 4,75%.
  • A Brelan: 2.11%.

His statistics should help you make a decision, but don’t forget to consider the dealer’s face-up card.

Caribbean Stud Poker Payment

  • AR or 1 pair: 1 time
  • A double pair: 2 times
  • One triple: 3 times
  • Straight (straight): 4 times
  • Flush (colour): 5 times
  • A full house: 7 times
  • One Square: 20 times
  • Straight flush: 50 times
  • Royal Quinte Flush: 100 times

If there is a tie, everyone gets their money back. You can also place a bet, just like the co-host. It depends on the casino you are playing at, especially if it is difficult to play, there may be special rules.

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