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Presentation of Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud Poker is a card game based on poker played face-to-face between the player and the dealer that is often linked to a progressive jackpot bonus. It is often referred to in the UK and Europe as Casino Five Card Stud Poker. There are a few variations of classic poker in this game, but the object of the game is the same: to beat the dealer by forming the best hand. If you play your cards right and make the required progressive jackpot bet, you can also win what is usually a fairly heavy jackpot. Many people find it a very entertaining and fast game, praising it for the speed of execution between hands.


There are conflicting accounts of the origins of the game, although most of the accounts date back to the commercial cruise ships of the 16th century or the 1980s. The former maintains that it evolved from the Spanish card game Primera (also known as Primero, Brag, Pochen and Poque) and was invented on ships sailing in the Caribbean in the 1500s. Some claim it was on a cruise ship bound for Aruba, leading many to make the pilgrimage to the island today to play the game from which it originated. Gambling icon David Sklansky also claims to have created the game when he invented « Casino Poker » in 1982. Still others can be traced back to Michael Titus and Danny and Dane Jones, who allegedly learned the game from an anonymous gambler. In Las Vegas in the 1980s.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a very fast and direct game. The object of the game is to form a better hand than the dealer using poker based hands. Start by making your bet. There is usually a progressive jackpot in play with Caribbean Stud Poker. This is activated by depositing an extra $1 chip at the beginning of the game as an additional bet.

Once you have decided on your bet, you will receive five cards face down. The dealer will also receive five cards, but one of his cards will be presented to you face up. Now you can fold and give up your previous bet; or you can raise and double your ante bet.

At this point, a number of scenarios can take place :

  • Dealer fails to qualify: If the dealer’s hand does not consist of at least an Ace and a King, you win regardless of your hand and win double your ante bet, but you win nothing on the raise portion of your bet.
  • The dealer qualifies, but you have a better hand: you receive twice your ante bet and a payout on the raise bet that varies according to the paytable indicated in the game. The stronger the hand, the bigger the payout.
  • The dealer qualifies and you even the score: both the ante and the raise. You are back to square one.
  • The dealer qualifies and beats you: you lose your bet and your raise, which is double your original bet.

The Caribbean Stud Poker Online Progressive Jackpot

Provided you choose to place a side bet during the initial phase of the game, you will automatically qualify to win a progressive jackpot amount that can typically be as high as $100,000. This of course always depends on the hand you manage to acquire. For example, if you manage to receive a flush, full house, four or kind, straight flush or royal house, you will receive a reward payment for placing a progressive bet regardless of the dealer’s hand. See the table below to find out what the payouts are for progressive jackpots on the different hands you have won.

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FAQ : Caribbean stud

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    What are the advantages of caribbean stud?

    Caribbean Stud is a casino game that has many advantages such as :

    • A fun and modern game
    • Stimulating for our brain
    • Playable at most virtual casinos
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    Where to play at Caribbean stud?

    Caribbean Stud can be played at the physical casino or at virtual casinos. We offer many casinos on our website.
    Find the list of online casinos by clicking here.

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    Which are the best virtual casinos to play caribbean stud?

    Most online casinos offer Caribbean Stud gambling on their platforms.
    Here is our top 3: