Being a VIP + Casino Loyalty Bonuses 

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Today, we are going to talk about 2 aspects of online gambling that are among the most interesting for seasoned players: obtaining VIP status, but also the possible loyalty bonuses to be obtained in some online casinos.

How to get them? In what interests? Who are they for? Are they really interesting for you? That’s what we’re going to find out together right now!

Let’s make it clear that we are going to talk here about online casino platforms, and not about physical / real casinos.

First of all, what are these advantages?

These advantages are features, accesses or special tickets, which are offered depending on several factors, but mainly on two factors :

  • Privileged customer status (which you get by a monthly / annual subscription to the platform, by a one-off payment or by a certain amount of time spent on the platform, although the latter possibility is still quite rare).
  • Increased participation in the platform’s games (large sums of money at stake, large number of games per day or per week, consecutive winnings…).

What are their interests?

These two types of advantages will give you access to different types of gifts (depending on the casino(s) you choose, hence the importance of finding out beforehand), such as for example:

Loyalty points, reusable in the purchase of tokens.
This advantage is to be taken into account in an important way because according to the platforms, it will be able to be used or not to you to play machines or important games.
For example: Some online casinos allow you to earn enough points to play machines that can bring you very large winnings, while others will require more time.

Invitations to exclusive events, such as games reserved only for privileged/loyal players, or even, more rarely, to physical events! Like tournaments, exclusive evenings, where you can meet other players and share your passion for the game! Sometimes partnerships are even made with real casinos, to organise important events (like tournament finals) in a physical way on a real table!

A customer service even more available than for classic players

Physical gifts can also be given to you!

But beware! Although these two elements can sometimes offer bonuses in common, they should not be compared or confused, as VIP status very often offers many more advantages than loyalty!

Also, it even happens that in some online casinos, only VIP players have loyalty bonuses that reward their loyalty to the casino.

(But you can choose to be loyal to several online casinos, to maximise your chances of winning and your privileges! )

Indeed, most of the time, loyalty bonuses and VIP bonuses are differentiated: Loyalty bonuses are sometimes calculated according to the amount of deposits and bets, so they are points that can only be converted into cash; and VIP bonuses are additional bonuses, which also reward loyalty, but which can take the form of new bonuses, rewards in kind, personalised service or prizes and free stays (for the most generous casinos).

So, whether or not you choose to pay more for benefits, you will find your account!

Who are they for?

Loyalty bonuses and VIP status are mainly aimed at people with a higher interest in online gambling than most people!

Is it for you?

The interest you will have in a privileged status or loyalty bonus will depend first and foremost on your interest in the online casino! First of all, you need to know your gambling recurrence, but also the expenses you use or plan to use monthly for your games.

It is also important for you to consult the various VIP or loyalty programmes offered via the different online casino platforms.

Some might be (very) interesting, while others might not.
So make sure you find out the right way before you commit yourself, if you have any doubts about the importance of gambling in your daily life!

How to get them?

Again, this will depend on which online casino platform you choose!

Some platforms, as mentioned above, will require monthly or yearly subscriptions, others will require a one-off payment (which is not always a good idea, if you decide to stop playing at some point).

For loyalty bonuses, some platforms will offer you much more interesting advantages than others (more points, VIP events etc…).
So choose your platform according to the advantages you like the most!

Can I benefit from advantages without having to pay extra costs?

Some platforms make you eligible for a points accumulation programme without having to pay additional fees! Most of the time, if you are simply registered on a platform, the fact that you participate in games makes you eligible for loyalty points!

This way, you can actually use the advantages that will be offered to you thanks to these points.