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Free spins are part of the no-deposit bonuses, which we saw more generally in a previous article.

Concretely, free spins, on the online casino platform on which you are registered, will allow you to make free spins, without any additional deposit that is necessary to benefit from them!

So obviously, this bonus is very practical for you, as a player! As you will have understood from its name, it only applies to slot machines, which are the most popular casino game among players and certainly the most iconic in the world of gambling!

We can see that free spins are usually given as a gift by the platform when a new player registers. As you can imagine, offering bonuses without a deposit, but more particularly this one is a technique that constantly attracts new customers!

So how can free spins help you, if you are a new player? Well it just so happens that for beginners, this bonus will allow you to continue training at the slot machines, without taking any risk of losing real money!

So the next time they play the slots for winnings, they will already have reached a relatively high level of experience and play!

The chances of winning naturally increase as each player’s experience increases. The knowledge and mastery of a game is absolutely fundamental, so this bonus is very beneficial to players who want to improve!

The free spins also allow you to experiment with the different slot machines offered by the online casino platform, so that you can find the one you prefer!

But the no-deposit bonus that is free spin is not only for the benefit of beginner players!

Some online casino platforms choose to offer this kind of bonus to their most loyal customers to thank them and reward them for their passion for the game!

Free spins are regularly offered as gifts in VIP clubs on online casino platforms. Another way to get this bonus, depending on the platform you have chosen to play, is when a new slot machine arrives! Because very regularly, as soon as the platform puts a new game online for players, it offers special bonuses related to the new game before attracting players.

And as you can imagine, the most frequently used no-deposit bonus when the platforms set up this operation is indeed the free spin!

Since you’re a clever and smart player, you’re probably wondering where the scam is! And you’re supposed to ask yourself this question: even though the no-deposit bonuses that are free spins are offered by online casino platforms, there are still wagering requirements.

And it is important to understand this:

Betting conditions, or wagering requirements, are mandatory conditions that must be met when you bet before you can withdraw your own winnings.

If, for example, you have just received a no deposit bonus that is free spins as soon as you register on an online casino platform, you will unfortunately not be able to withdraw any winnings from free spins immediately.

Sometimes you will have to wait until you meet certain conditions before you can withdraw them!

To help you understand the point, we will take the example of free spins that you can get when you register on the online casino platform you have chosen (not all of them offer them):

You get the famous free spins and you decide to use them on your favourite slot machine!

You play small bets and you start to win a little bit: We can say bravo, you manage to make your investment profitable!

But now, let’s imagine that the wagering requirement on the online casino platform is 10. So you will have to multiply the money you were able to win at the slot machine by 10, and so you get the amount that you will have to wager on the online casino platform first before you can withdraw all the money you got while playing!

So be very careful when checking the different conditions on the different platforms! It is also important to note that not all platforms offer the same number of free spins, and that some bonuses will interest you much more than others if you think carefully about how you play!