Live Blackjack: Play online with a dealer at this popular game


Live blackjack is a revolutionary way to play blackjack. Since the early 2000s it has been possible to play blackjack online from your computer. If you are not yet familiar with this modernised game, now is the time to discover it.

How to access live blackjack and use the interface in all simplicity?

Live online blackjack is easily accessible on the internet, just do a google search as « live blackjack dealers » to find a multitude of game operators offering you their services. When you join an online blackjack table, a functional interface is displayed on your screen and a live video dealer sits right in front of you. Yes, the casino invites itself into your home from your sofa! But how do you play live blackjack? This new version of blackjack may surprise the older players but it is also the most accessible for all players. Thanks to several integrated webcams, the dealer’s actions are broadcast live to players from all over the world. You can therefore play live at a blackjack table with foreign players around the globe.

As in a traditional blackjack game, the dealer uses about 8 decks of cards in a single game to avoid the famous card counting used by some game experts. It is possible to play for up to 7 days at the same table and live chat is often available, so players can chat with each other or with the dealer who responds verbally.

Why does blackjack generate so many fans internationally?

The first advantage of live online blackjack over other games is that the game is alive. Despite the fact that it is online and not in a land-based casino, the players are led to trade with each other. Playing with a live video croupier is more enjoyable than a simple computer system. From your living room, you have all the qualities of blackjack without the flaws of a land-based casino.

Online casinos have understood the importance of online blackjack and have decided to develop it at high speed. This is why players can find the different versions of blackjack from the game library of most live casinos.

The second advantage is for beginners who have never set foot in a land-based casino and therefore never played blackjack. New players can get used to the rules and dealer’s gestures within the live blackjack areas with complete peace of mind. The player can therefore acclimatise to the rules of blackjack and the different techniques that this game requires to win.

As you can see, playing blackjack online has many advantages.

Online blackjack on secure platforms

Yes, users are very reassured when they log on to an online casino to play live blackjack. It turns out that gaming operators have obligations towards the security of user data.

Some players still doubt the veracity and reliability of online casinos. It turns out that by playing live blackjack the doubts disappear because players can check the dealer’s actions live. Therefore, there are no trickery or fraudulent actions practiced by online casinos.

A second observation is that the player can play this mode of play at the secure gaming operators anywhere and whenever he wants without constraint. Don’t wait any longer for the opening of the land-based casino nearest to you to start a real game of blackjack thanks to live blackjack.

You can also find other popular casino games such as baccarat, poker and craps.

How to play blackjack online?

Yes, you are probably wondering which version of blackjack to play? That’s why we give you some blackjack software publishers that have proven themselves in the 2000s.

Betsoft is a game provider that has been wildly successful with its slot machines. Then it developed into many other casino games such as blackjack. The Swedish publisher excels in many areas. In the field of graphics, we can consider it to be the number one, Betsoft offers many variations of blackjack games that provide players with many hours of fun. Speaking of fun, the publisher offers a « fun mode » popular with many online casino fans. By choosing Betsoft, you are opting for the best online gaming experience.

NetEnt is a former game publisher that has been active for decades on online gaming platforms. Its experience and professionalism make it a world-renowned publisher. Its 3D slot machines are extremely well known throughout the online casino gaming community around the world. Choosing NetEnt guarantees you a stable and reliable game.

Ezugi is the newest addition to the gang. Inspired by NetEnt, Ezugi offers modern and fun games. He is an excellent creator of live casino games that never ceases to surprise us. In addition to a stable and pleasant to watch interface, the live croupiers and dealers are professional and smiling.

Take advantage of the free blackjack bonuses to practice your skills.

And yes, another advantage of playing live blackjack is to be able to take advantage of free bonuses when you sign up to play for free. Often, online casino platforms offer bonuses without deposit. Absolutely, this is no joke! Some casinos will do anything to get you to sign up and offer tempting offers. Amateurs or no live games, let yourself be tempted by a no-deposit bonus, it costs you nothing to try!

Our section dedicated to no-deposit bonuses ranks the best online casinos offering this type of offer to ensure you play live blackjack in the best possible conditions. This way you can play without spending a cent and still cash out your winnings!

Online casinos for playing live blackjack

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