Blackjack Basic Strategy

Understanding basic blackjack strategy

The basic strategy is how to win mathematically in blackjack according to the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand. This reduces the house advantage.

Compared to many other blackjack strategies, the basic strategy is the most effective in improving the chances of winning against the dealer.

When followed rigorously, the basic strategy will consistently optimize your probability of winning hands without the need to perform the famous card counting.

For this, the « blackjack table » also called « blackjack probability table » exists. This blackjack table is based on the mathematical probabilities of each possible hand. It is therefore indispensable for all online blackjack players at the casino.

This basic strategy must be used for the blackjack rules used by gambling operators in France.

Of course, not all land-based casinos will allow you to sit at a blackjack table with this printed table. This is why it is necessary to learn it by heart before going to the casino.

How do I read a table?

  • The left-hand column represents your hand.
  • The top column represents the visible card in the bank.
  • Simply read at the intersection of the two columns to find the action you need to perform.

For example, if you have a pair of 4’s (4-4) and the bank has an 8, you must draw (T) a new card.

Blackjack board

Blackjack board

Blackjack surrender board

Blackjack surrender board

How to use the basic blackjack strategy?

The best way is to practice at the online casino as no control can be made by online casinos. After several hundred hands, some of the actions to be performed will be obvious to you and you will only use the blackjack board for more complex situations.

As you can see, the basic blackjack strategy will help you become a better blackjack player.

Some people do not believe in this technique because they have heard a friend who lost a round using this strategy. Of course, the blackjack board does not guarantee you a 100% win, but it will allow you to greatly increase your winnings by not making any more beginner’s mistakes. This strategy is the one and only valid strategy to reduce the house advantage. Take advantage of it!

Simplification of the basic blackjack strategy

Understanding and learning the basic blackjack strategy can take you many days even if you use the blackjack board assiduously. That’s why we offer you a simplified basic strategy so that you can start learning smoothly and become a dealer’s and casino’s worst nightmare.

The most important points to remember :

  • Never take out insurance, it is not profitable.
  • With a total less than or equal to 11, draw a new card no matter what the situation.
  • Always double when your total is 10 or 11 and it is higher than the bank’s total.
  • Do not draw when you have reached 18 or more points, the probability of exceeding 21 is too high.

When your hand contains an AS that is worth 1 point :

  • Do not shoot when your total is 17 or more.
  • Draw when your total is between 12 and 16 points and the visible card in the bank is equal to or greater than 7 points.

When your hand contains an AS that counts as 11 points :

  • Do not draw when your total is 18 or more.
  • Continue to draw when your total is 17 or less.

You now have all the cards in your hand to become a true online blackjack ace. Join a blackjack table and use the blackjack table to put our tips into practice.

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