Blackjack: The biggest winnings won by players in the world

Blackjack is one of the oldest games still in play. Of course, there are now many versions of Blackjack, but the basic rules are still the same. Once you have mastered classic blackjack, you can play any version and win. If you need help, you can consult blackjack guides that will help you get closer to that dream win.

While you dream of winning a million dollars, let us tell you about some of the people for whom this dream has already become a reality. These stories of blackjack winners will surely give you a glimmer of hope and make you believe that anything is possible.


Woah! Who won $40 million, you wonder? You must have heard of him. That’s Kerry Packer. We actually have two great Kerry Packer winning stories for you. Amazing, right? A man occupying two positions on the list of the greatest blackjack wins in history? That is so unfair. And what’s even more unbelievable is that Kerry Packer was already a millionaire. And he still is. Why does a millionaire need more than millions?

In 1991, Kerry Packer played its first big winning streak. It was at the Las Vegas Hilton. He chose a public blackjack table for people to cheer him on like in a movie. Details of the games he played are not available since it happened almost three decades ago. But Packer won $7 million that night

With this $7 million win in a single night, Hilton was so impressed that they offered Packer a special suite for his stay. Of course, give free stuff to a millionaire. Rumour has it that this room was decorated with casino chips and stuff like that to commemorate his big win as he held a festive dinner with his loved ones. We are sure he was quite surprised by Hilton’s grand gesture.


Second victory – bigger and better!

Kerry Packer was back in Las Vegas in 1995 and it seemed that the casino gods were all gathered at the MGM Grand to give her their blessings.

Packer placed $250,000 bets on each round and played 8 hands continuously at the same table. Exact details of the cards that were dealt are not available as it happened 25 years ago. But we are sure Packer will remember.

In any case, in just 40 minutes Packer cashed out $40 million. 40 minutes. 40 million dollars. It was certainly the biggest win MGM Grand had ever witnessed and Packer was so thrilled that he tipped his dealers $1 million. I can’t believe we didn’t even get a chance to be his dealer for the night.

Although these are his famous winning streak, life is a little tight because Packer lost $27.4 million over a 10 month period. But he clearly won more than he lost. Even with such great victories to his credit, Packer is not on the official list of the best blackjack players.


Don Johnson is the CEO of Heritage Development and like Kerry Packer, he too is already a millionaire. Don Johnson has been an avid blackjack player throughout his life. He has played at several of Atlantic City’s major casinos throughout his life. He has had many winning streaks, but the one of interest to us occurred between December 2010 and April 2011.

From December 2010 to April 2011, Johnson won $15.1 million by playing Blackjack. But this is not a single night win but a win over 5 months. Don Johnson is perceived as a strategic Blackjack player. He incorporates a lot of mathematical strategies and card nuances while playing. And being a millionaire means that he can place huge bets without worrying about the consequences of losing. So when luck favours him and he wins, it becomes a huge win.

Of course, Don Johnson has also lost many card games, but so far we are sure it is safe to say that he has won more than he has lost. That’s why his win is listed as one of the greatest blackjack victories of all time.


It would not be wrong to call Ken Uston the king of Blackjack strategy. He masters both blackjack strategies and the mathematical elements that govern the game. So, this obviously means that he is a pro card counter. He is also known as the creator of blackjack card counting.

He has trained many other people to play blackjack the way he did and has also built a team of professional card counters. His team is therefore also known as the team that preceded the infamous MIT team that set out to beat the house.

Ken Uston started in 1975 and by 1981 he and his team had taken over the casinos for $4.5 million. So it was probably the first of the blackjack victories. Many people speculated that this was the reason why the casinos had to offer multi-handed blackjack and multiple card shoe blackjack.

How cool would it have been if you were the reason why casinos had to make their games more difficult?


This is the story of how Joe « shoeless » won $1.5 million. Who is Joe with no shoes, you ask? He is a commoner like you and me who won $1.5 million at Treasure Island Casino in 1995.

Joe’s wife had thrown him out and Joe was homeless when it happened. When he got his $400 security check, he decided to try his luck at a casino. Joe entered Treasure Island without his shoes on and that’s where Joe’s name « shoeless » comes from. No one knows his exact identity but his story has spread widely.

On his lucky night, Joe won an unimaginable $1.5 million. But because of his aggressive nature and the way he played, people say he lost it all in one night. He didn’t consider any blackjack strategy, he split the 10 and doubled on 12 and 13 hard. Such reckless gambling cost him everything.

This seems to be the luck of all commoners like us. It seems very unfortunate. But there are many different records of the night’s events, so we can’t know exactly how he won and lost, but we know for sure that he lost everything he won.


Let’s get out of Las Vegas for a bit. This is the story of a winner in Glasgow, Scotland. He won at blackjack very recently in 2017. He played at the Grosvenor Casino in Merchant City.

He played Ace King Suited Blackjack in which the player wins a jackpot if he receives a natural blackjack with an Ace and a King. In this case our John Doe won £73,000. But there is not much data available about the winner or the win.

However, we do know something about Grosvenor Casino. They have another casino called Grosvenor in Riverboat where another bettor won £54,000. Overall, in 2017, more than 10 players won more than £100,000 in the Merchant City and Riverboat casinos.

Here’s what the director of Grosvenor Casino had to say about these wins since 2015:

« We are delighted to have won the biggest jackpot to date with our progressive Grosvenor Ace King Suited bet. We’ve heard from many other Grosvenor Casinos customers winning the jackpot across the country and it’s great to be part of the incredible £320,000 milestone with such an impressive win. Seeing people enjoying our gaming space and winning such a win creates a really exciting buzz in the casino. »


MIT must take credit for the large number of winnings at Atlantic City Blackjack. The world is amazed at the number of MIT graduate students who have taken a trip to the casinos. The world came to know when a film called 21 with Kevin Spacey was made and became a huge blockbuster.

The film went through the life of Bill Kaplan, a Harvard graduate who had beaten the system for years. One night, a group of MIT students overheard him talking about how he had gone from $1,000 to $30,000 in just 9 months. So they asked him to teach him and that’s how it all happened.

Contrary to popular belief, the MIT group whose goal was to beat the casinos also included students from Harvard, Yale and other reputable universities. This is the film that focused on MIT.

Apparently, at its peak, the MIT team consisted of about 80 players who took the casinos for a ride. Each team played at a different casino on different nights and won huge sums of money every time they played. According to Kaplan, old players left and new players joined all the time. And students were allowed to leave if they wanted to.

Kaplan and her team are thought to have won between $50 and $100 million, which would have been split between them. If you want to get an idea of all this, watch the film 21.


This story is the victory of Dana White. He is the president of the UFC and is so infamous that he still has an ongoing dispute with Palms Casino. In 2012, White played Blackjack and won a considerable amount of money but the casino accused him of counting cards and banned him.

Once Palms’ CEO changed in 2014, White returned and won $2 million over a three-month period. During this sequence, his limit per hand was first reduced from $25,000 to $5,000 and then he was told he couldn’t play. Therefore, he capped his winnings at $2 million.

White denied being a card counter. He said he only used the mathematical strategy of blackjack. And he also gave $200,000 to dealers when he won $2 million. So the dealers are furious with Palms for banning their highest dump truck.

Here’s what White had to say about everything,

« Casinos don’t gamble anymore. They all belong to hedge funds and corporations. They want to stack the odds so badly against you that it won’t pay. In reality, there is only one place left in town to gamble and that’s Caesars. They will allow you to play what you want to play. No problem with limits. « 

The media also consistently accused White of having a gambling problem, but he completely denied it, saying that his personal and professional life was fine and that he hadn’t lost all his money.

White continues to gamble at various casinos that will have him, but he has not yet had a winning streak that will beat $2 million. And he is still organizing UFC events at the Pearl Arena at Palms Casino. So it’s not completely banned.


If Bellagio seems very familiar, it’s probably because of the famous Clooney-Pitt Ocean’s 11 movie, which is an incredible story about a group of people stealing money from the casino vault. This is a watch we recommend.

But this is not George Clooney’s Bellagio story, but Michael Geismar’s story. Michael Geismar is an investment manager. But this story is no less interesting. It has all the drama you want, just like a movie.

So one morning, Michael Geismar was having breakfast at the Bellagio and found his eggs very boring. So he decided to spice things up not by looking for pepper, but by entering the casino section and placing a $300 bet.

Geismar did not double his bets, he just kept increasing them every time he won and kept the same amount of bets if he lost. Although not a very reliable strategy, Geismar won $470,000 at lunch!

Since experts do not recommend such a strategy, it becomes very difficult to believe that he won that way. But who knew that an ordinary breakfast at the Bellagio would turn into such an exciting morning? Maybe we should try it too.


Perhaps the name of the casino in the header itself gave you a clue. We are talking about Oscar Ben Affleck’s blackjack sequence. The actor is well known for his role as Batman and his critically acclaimed role in Argo.

Recently, it appeared that he was also quite the blackjack player. When asked about this, Affleck admitted to playing blackjack and being interested in strategy from a young age.

In 2001, Affleck happened to stroll into Hard Rock Casino one night and had an incredible streak of luck that earned him $800,000 and rumor has it that he tipped the staff $145,000.

Years later, when Affleck returned there one night, he was arrested for card counting after a few lucky games and the casino banned him from playing at the blackjack tables.

Affleck was, however, allowed to play other games at the casino and was even offered a car. The staff were very nice to him and his wife, but they just didn’t want him to win. Although card counting is not illegal, it is frowned upon in casinos. So Affleck is now very interested in sports betting, they say.


We all dreamed at one time or another of becoming millionaires, but for this taxi driver, his dreams came true. He woke up one morning and told his wife that he had a dream that he had played in a casino and won a lot of money.

Even though his wife was a little skeptical, he begged her and went to a casino that same night and started playing roulette. But after a while he switched to blackjack maybe because that’s when he realized that he was really playing blackjack in his dream and not roulette.

So after his exchange, lady luck sat next to him for the rest of the night as he won $132,000 all night long. Imagine a taxi driver turning his life upside down in a single night. He continued to completely renovate his house and also bought his wife a luxury car. Isn’t that nice?

The most surprising and incredible aspect of winning is that he didn’t use any strategy or mathematics to win. He said it was completely luck and thinks that his guardian angel guided him to this victory and that he wasn’t even a « casino » type. So you all pray for successful dreams tonight so that you will be a millionaire by the time you go to bed tomorrow.

100,000 IN LAS VEGAS

While the previous story was the story of a commoner, this one is the story of Shane Smith, CEO of Vice Media. He was in Vegas just to attend the Consumer Electronic Show. But he just thought he would try his luck in a casino.

As he entered the MGM complex, it seemed that all the stars were smiling at him. He played blackjack and won $100,000. Even the CEO of the casino congratulated him. Although it doesn’t seem like much in itself after reading stories like Kerry Packer’s, you’ll be delighted to hear about Smith’s festive dinner.

Smith went straight to Prime Steakhouse and spent $300,000 more on the dinner! He treated everyone who came with him and also those who cheered him on. Can you believe it? Smith certainly became known for his generosity that day, unless it was a huge drunken mistake. But it didn’t matter because he could afford it.

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