Baccarat variants

When we talk about baccarat today, we always think of the British agent James Bond, a loyal supporter of the game, but now there are many exciting card game variations, and it is also a classic. one. It’s better on land-based casinos than on online casino gaming platforms. Throughout its history, gambling has indeed undergone various developments, resulting in changes that are popular from place to place. Therefore, we are here to give you a brief overview of the main variants of Baccarat, which you may find in various land-based casinos and on the Internet.


Punto banco

Punto Banco can be considered the most popular variant of baccarat in the world today. With the arrival of Europeans and developed in South America, this variant was quickly adopted by North American casinos and then by other gaming establishments around the world. The reason for its success can be explained by its fairly simple form, which allows players to play only against the dealer (hence the name Punto Banco: the unfavourable producer of the bank). The rules are simple and the game is short.


If you have read our introduction to baccarat, you should now have an idea of the origin of the Railway (of course a card game). It is reported that this form of play was born in the 17th century. The original form of baccarat was first introduced in France. This form may have originated in Italy. The monarch of the time, Charles VIII, adapted to it again and would play the game of nobility. The name of this variant comes from the wooden c that provides the card. This variant is a little more complicated than Punto Banco because it involves several players taking turns as bankers.

Mini Baccarat

Although in classic baccarat, gambling establishments are in high demand, fairly high basic stakes are still necessary, but many fans of the game have developed a more « general mass » variant that allows much lower bets, with only a few rule changes. Mini Baccarat was born. Now many institutions can use it, whether it is a virtual or a physical institution.

Baccarat squeeze in the live casino

Baccarat Squeeze is a « new generation » variant of Baccarat. It exists only in online casinos, and more specifically, in its online dealer section. Originally provided by the publisher Evolution Gaming, this variant is based on the use of specific techniques to reveal the basis of the decision cards. The objective is to keep players alert throughout the game thanks to the technology and the game environment.

Baccarat squeeze in casinos with live croupiers

After the success of baccarat squeeze, Evolution Gaming has developed the baccarat control squeeze technology, which is another technical variant of the game, it is derived from the previous version, this time it can help players to decide. When to show the cards. Once again, the « technology + game environment » cocktail will play a role and guarantee a superior playing experience. In addition to the currently most popular variants, some online or live gaming sites may also encounter other variants, such as Super Pan Nine or Maccara.

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