Baccarat rules : The ultimate guide to start playing online

Baccarat (or baccarat with a « t » in English) is usually played separately from other games in a private room. A game designed for certain elites, with well-dressed players and a high minimum bet on the table: it is a game designed for throwing. Generally, the baccarat table is the same size as the dice table, managed by three dealers, and can accommodate up to 12 players. Each participant, including those involved in the transaction, can choose to be either the dealer or the banker. But generally, the player who trades is at the bank.

Progress of the game

Players can place bets on players, banks or a tie. Two cards have been issued to the dealer and the player. The purpose of baccarat is to use two or three cards to obtain or approach a hand with a total of 9 points.

Card Value

Numbers and tens are void. The other cards (from ace to 9) retain their face value. When the sum of the value of the card is two digits, the unit will be reserved. Example: You have a card « 4 » and a card « 8 »: 4 + 8 = 12. The value of your hand is therefore 2.

Payout of winnings

If your hand wins, you will get a 1:1 profit if you bet 10 euros, you will win 10 euros and get 10 euros back from the capital. If you bet « even », you will win 8 times your initial deposit, if you bet 10 euros, you will win 80 euros and get back 10 euros of your capital. If you lose, you lose your capital.

The natural baccarat option

If the first two cards of the first hand total 8 or 9, then it is a natural winning hand. If both the player and the dealer throw natural numbers, the higher natural number wins. When neither the player nor the dealer are natural in the first round, the third round is drawn. Playing baccarat games

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